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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

July 9, 2014

Jiggly Jello Dessert

Morning Blogland! I am posting this morning to share my Jiggly Jello Dessert with all of you. I made this for our cookout over the weekend with my son's family. I say it was a huge hit & oh so wickedly easy to do.

Doesn't it look delish? And you can whip it up just with the wave of a wand! 

Ok, it took a little more than that. I will share with you the magick I used to create this plate of Dessertly Delight.

First off: Jello. It doesn't matter what brand you use. Just have a variety of flavors so you can have a variety of colored layers in your dessert.

I had two boxes of each Orange & Strawberry-Banana.  Plus I had a box of Cranberry flavor. Didn't tell my son or the grandkids about the Cranberry flavor or they probably would not have eaten it. (picky, pests sometimes!)  Layered on the magick & they had no clue!

For starters, totally ignore the directions on the box. You are going to use boiling water only for this & it will turn out like a charm.

Use 1 1/4 cups boiling water to dissolve each box of Jello. I recommend doing only one box at a time due to the steps required to create this masterpiece.

Once it is dissolved in the bowl, take 3/4 of a cup of this & put in your bowl or whatever mold you are using. Set it in the fridge once it gets room temperature (doesn't take long dearies)

You are going to set your timer for 15 minutes. While you are waiting for the Jello in the fridge to set up to the proper firmness prepare the remaining Jello.

Use 3 tablespoons of either sweet condensed milk or as I did French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

This you will mix into the remaining Jello to give it a creamy effect & a wickedly awesome extra flavor punch!

When the 15 minutes is up, remove your bowl or mold from the fridge & add the creamy layer on top of the clear layer. Put it back in the fridge & reset that timer for 15 minutes. Then move on to your next flavor of Jello & repeat the steps.

Be sure to stick to the 15 minute set time for each layer so they adhere properly. If you let it firm up too much there is a chance your layers will slide apart once removed from your mold.

The above pic is with clear & creamy Strawberry-Banana layers & clear & creamy Orange layers.

Once I was done adding my clear & creamy Cranberry layers I repeated the Strawberry-Banana & Orange layers.

This actually turned out to be a fun dessert to make.

I made this on Friday & let it set in the bowl in the fridge until Sunday morning before I removed it from the glass bowl. Just a few hours or overnight would be enough to let this totally firm up before serving.

Before attempting removal, set your mold in warm (not hot) water for a few minutes. You really can't tell from this pic but I had the water almost up to the rim of the bowl. I filled the sink after putting the bowl in so I would know when I had enough water in the sink & not risk any water coming over the sides of the bowl & onto the Jello.

Do not use a knife to get the Jello away from your mold! You will run the risk of ruining the sides of your creation.

Here it is once again just out of the bowl.

With a sliced removed it looks even more delectable!


Here it is on a plate! Looks sooooooo good, yes?

For all your hard work you will be rewarded with happy faces & magickally emptied plates.

Happy face.

Almost empty plate.

My grandson Bradley is having surgery today to correct a cleft palate. Here he is this morning on his way to the hospital.

He is always happy no matter what he faces. He is the bravest little guy I know.  He will be monitored during surgery because he has mini seizures that are only noticed when he stammers or stutters. In his nine short years he has been through some tough times. Surgery at 6 weeks old to correct a blocked stomach valve, losing both front teeth at two when he fell into a coffee table, fluid in his ears that the doctors waited too long to correct resulting in him being deaf in his left ear (his equilibrium was so bad he could run down a straight hallway & bounce off the walls like a pinball in a machine) & the poor thing has terrible vision in his right eye. Hopefully this surgery will allow his front teeth to finally come down from his gums. He has been without front teeth for 7 years. It will be so different to see this child with his front teeth!

He loves Batman & the color blue. The request has been made by him that I create this Jello Dessert in blue.  He will be on a liquid diet for two weeks before moving onto a pudding like consistency diet for four weeks after that. Positive energies & prayers for him will be most welcome!

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July 6, 2014

New Gadget: Frozen Fruit Smusher

Hello Blogland Lovelies!

Today I want to share with you my newest kitchen gadget. It's a frozen treat maker by Kitchen Living that uses frozen fruits.

No milk needed or sugar syrup. 

I got this at the local Aldi Supermarket in town. It was $29.99 so I thought, why not!

Once you freeze your fruits, it says to let them thaw for at least 15 minutes. I tried it with the strawberries, but they require a bit longer. More like 25 minutes. Don't want to burn up the motor in this bad boy!

It's not he most quiet machine ever made but the results were wickedly awesome & fooled my son's two youngest into thinking they were eating ice cream.

I tried it with Bananas also. Bananas don't require too long of a thaw out time. Apples were just right at 15 minutes thaw.

This machine is not that hard to clean after use. It's a breeze actually. The frozen treat maker will be used quite often in my house.

I also created some yummylicious popsicles  by using some soda & French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. 

Another yummy shortcut to a favorite treat is to add the favored creamer to a glass of root beer & POOF, a refreshing drink that tastes like a root beer float! One of my all time favs.

I made root beer & orange cream popsicles.

My granddaughter Jessica highly approves of these.

This little lady is a very picky eater. I made her the banana frozen treat & she devoured it. Then she wanted to try the strawberry & made quick work of that too.

Keep on enjoying your long weekend my dears.
Keep it safe.

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July 5, 2014

What's Cooking in The Cauldron? (Not For The Faint of Heart)

Blogland! I hope all of you that celebrate July 4th had a wickedly awesome one. Also to those of you who don't, I hope yesterday was wickedly awesome for you as well.

It was another day that the Hubs went to work & I had the house all to myself. 

This makes me one:

Don't get me wrong, I adore my hubs but peace & quiet is high on my list too!  When he is home, he likes the radio on & I truly believe he has this urgent need to hear himself talk. lol
He will be downstairs talking to himself & I am always asking what he said because I think he is talking to me.
Anyway...........off to work he goes & off goes the radio!

My belly says, "feed me". So off I go into the kitchen to make some totally delicious & unhealthy food. 

I usually run to breakfast foods when I am cooking for myself.  Breakfast can be an easy meal to prepare.

I opened the cupboard & spied the container of Grits.

Not the instant, one minute cook time in the microwave packets. NO. I only have the kind you can do on the stove top. Yes, they also supply a microwave method of cooking now. I just pretend that info does not exist.

Grits are not totally unhealthy to eat. That is before I get a hold of them!

Follow the directions for which ever portion size you wish to make.  I always put a big glob of butter in the water & salt too.

When the water starts to boil, just add the grits & cook.

You don't have to stir this constantly. Just every so often to be sure the grits are not clumping together. Witches love to stir things, so I stir frequently.

While the grits are cooking, ( I  suggest a lid on those bad boys cause they do love to pop out of the pot all over the stove top & you) I get out my magick mug of bacon grease & cook some eggs. Over medium for me.

One busted yolk. No worries, the cats will eat that & love the treat!

Now, the grits are done & transferred to the plate & a good sized dollop of butter is added.

The real stuff my pretties. Not the margarine or spread.

Top with your fried eggs! You can mix them all together with the grits as I do. Oh what a delightful treat for my wicked taste buds! You can add toast if you like. I prefer this meal just the way it is.

So whip this up in your kitchen one day & let me know how quickly your arteries harden!

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