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June 20, 2011

When The Hubs Doesn't Listen

Hello Blogland! Yes I have been gone for a bit again. So sorry about that. Life has been crazy & hectic to say the least. I wanted to share with you a reason not to cut corners & try to shave off a bit of extra work. This is the piece in the lime light here today:

 The Hubs found this in the neighbor's garbage pile & thought it would be great for our flat screen to go on. Whoever did this piece in the first place did not use primer before painting & the paint was peeling off.

 I started sanding it & the Hubs decided he would take over that process since I was putting in quite a few hours at work because one of the girls went on vacation.  After he sanded some (not all) he declared it ready to paint. I told him that it should be sanded completely but there are times when the man declares himself right & will not budge from that. ( I am sure all of you ladies are nodding your heads right now) So, it was primed.

You can see the areas that were not sanded all the way. This is gonna be interesting huh?

All I could do was shake my head.

All painted & with TV on top. This photo actually does it justice.

Here is a close up of the "finished" (actually unfinished to me) project. You can see the mars in the top where it was not totally sanded before priming & painting. Feel free to use this as a tutorial for anyone thinking of skimping on the sanding process.  Now he wants me to redo it all over again. I said sure as long as he sands the entire thing properly. I can bet you anything that this table will stay just as it is unless I do all the work. Let this be a lesson to all out there that if there is a job to do........it needs to be done right.

So if you poof on over to my house one day please ignore the TV stand & admire my drop cloth drapes instead!

Hope all of you had an awesome weekend & all the Fathers out there had a wickedly great Father's Day. Tomorrow I will return with what happened on my weekend.

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  1. OMGOSH Beth...I do believe some of the things men do is really not their faults. Poor dears are having to battle with their DNA. Thank goodness they have us woman around to try and steer them in the right manner...LOL!!! Perhaps you should be a bit like me on some things (normally I'm shy but I do stand my ground at times) I always tell hubby what my Dad use to say "Anything worth doing is worth doing it RIGHT the first time" That gets him every time. Now go hand your DH the sandpaper and tell him to get busy.


  2. haha! I'm nodding my head with everything you said! Men!!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Oh Dear...what should I say...hubs... whether in different race, culture, nation...just the same old 'pattern'!

  4. Sam is always asking, why does TV portray husbands as such idiot?

    I have no idea, sweetheart, really. Do you need help getting that fork out of your nose?