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September 7, 2014

Whats Cooking in the Cauldron-Pork Chop Penne

Hey Blogland! I've been in the kitchen cooking up some magical yummies again. 

I want to share this wickedly delightful recipe with you.

Pork Chop Penne

The picture doesn't show it too well but this is a creamy tomato sauce recipe.  I love to mix it up every so often from the traditional sauce.

I was in search of something to make for dinner & found three odd pork chops in the freezer.

The Hubs has been shopping lately & trying his hand at cooking too.

In all honesty he is doing rather well even though I now have NO ingredients to make a homemade sauce. So I had to settle for these & kick it up a notch or two.

I called my mortar & pestle into action to bruise the dry herbs to help boost the flavor level.

Basil & Thyme was what this recipe needed to take it from canned sauce to awesome sauce!

Don't be afraid of the spices. I used roughly a teaspoon of each for those two cans of ready made sauce.
(oh I shudder typing those words, ready made sauce)

The pork chops I cut into bite sized pieces & tossed into a pot with hot bacon grease to cook along with the Thyme & Basil.

When the pork was just about done I added about 1/4 cup chopped banana peppers & half a medium sized onion.

I suggest eating a few of these while chopping them up! We had mild in the fridge but you can always turn up the spice level to hard core by using the hot ones.

Also to give it some extra oomph, I added roughly a half cup of the banana pepper juice.

Next, I added the (shuddering again) canned sauce.

Bring this to a slow boil & now the magick begins!

I always add baking soda to my tomato recipes to kill the acidity & reduce the chance of heartburn.

Works wonders. Believe me!

Also this week, the Hubs is lactose intolerant so I used the lactose free milk he bought.

I used about a 1 1/2 cups.

I didn't have any tomato paste so I let this cook on a slow boil for about 45 minutes.

The Hubs loved this so much that he not only had it for dinner but for lunch & dinner the next day!

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  1. Oh my....I am so going to have to clean my cauldron and try this recipe out. It looks yummy and I love that used pork.