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November 7, 2011

Ghosts Orbs At Nemacolin Castle

Hey Blogland! I have been so eager to share with all of you the photos I took at Nemacolin Castle here in PA.
Nemacolin is in Brownsville a mere 20 minute drive for me. I will most assuredly be going back to this wickedly haunted place! My grandson Ryan went with me. Ryan is a budding Ghost Hunter & he had tons of fun. We couldn't really tell if we captured anything on film until I got home & uploaded the photos to the computer. We got quite a bit of stuff & I am uber excited to show them to you all!

 The first orb I caught was on the first photo I took while in the castle. I really wish you could all see these photos bigger than what the blog allows. I was having a hard time breathing in this room & later found out that those who are sensitive to "other things around them" have the same experience! Wickedly Cool! (okay, well not too cool when I could not breath but you get where I am coming from)

 This photo was taken in an upstairs hallway.  This orb is one of a few that appear to have faces in them..........goose bump time!

This photo shows a small orb on a staircase that is reported to be haunted by a young boy who cries on the stairs. Poor kid. I wonder what he is crying about. It makes me sad to know of a child spirit that is unhappy.

Taken in a smaller third floor bedroom there appears to be a mass of some sort trying to manifest itself.  I wish I could have stayed longer in that room but the tour was moving pretty fast.

 This photo is one of my "prize shots". Three orbs in one shot! When larger you can see a face in the one with the star next to it. It is really clear too! Uber exciting!

 Chills down your spine time! Check out the orb over the man's face. Everyone I have shown this to gets the chills looking at it. Wickedly awesome if you ask me.

 I know you are thinking "Oh Beth, that is the moon outside the window!" No. That night the moon was a thin cresent shape.

 Outside after the tour I took quite a few more photos of the outside of Nemacolin Castle. Two orbs in this shot with the upper one also having a face in it.

I have more shots with orbs but they are not able to be seen when in blogger format.

Here is my Ghost Hunting grandson, Ryan. He was talking with me about his experiences in the house. He also cannot wait to go back. I entered in a drawing to spend the night at the castle with a guest. Of course the guest would have been my grandson! Since I have not heard anything to date I am guessing that not one of my 20 tickets was drawn........bummer.  We would have been able to stay overnight with some local Ghost Hunters & get to use their equipment.  Oh well, I will be looking into being able to hang out with some Ghost Hunters in the area so Ryan & I can go on the hunt once again!

Nemacolin Castle

If you want to check out the photos in larger scale, hit my Facebook page & check them out. This is a direct link to the album.
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  1. OMG! A woman after my own heart! You are soooo lucky to be close to the castle! I would be there every day! I watch every ghost hunting show there is. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh! I want to go here even more now! We only live about 45 minutes from it. Now I really have to talk the hubby into it! Thanks for the pictures :)

  3. How cool! I love haunted historical home and places. I would love to go there sometime. Thanks for posting.

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. 0_o What's going on there?? I have recently started reading ghost stories again, I forgot how much fun they are. Wish I could have joined you on that tour!

  5. Well now THIS was a fun post! I'm trying to catch up, and it's amazing what I missed when I was sick!

  6. I am catching up also, haven't been reading blogs much lately!

    I love the pics with orbs, oh and by the way, the one of the stairs, if you look just a little higher than the small orb, there seems to be another one, it looks bigger, but very light. I could be wrong and imagining things ;).

    I would so love to visit this place! Not many haunted places in my area :(

  7. Awesome article and pictures. We recently visited Nemacolin Castle and took several pictures with most of them showing orbs and one showing a dog in the background...where there was no dog. Here's a link if you're like to check them out: http://www.daniellemcginnis.com/2011/10/nemacolin-castle-our-trip-to-real.html

  8. from spooky, i love the fact you have a countdown to halloween.and yes i've been to the castle and felt the vibes.

  9. Took my sons when they were young, my oldest & I both had a deja vu experience when we walked out onto the 2nd floor veranda overlooking the river. I wasn't going to say anything until my oldest son said "I've been here before", the same feeling I had, although was a first time there for both of us. The tour was too fast, would love to just meander through at own pace.

  10. Yes, the tour was too fast paced I would have loved to have hung around more in the room with the dark mass trying to take shape.

  11. Kim,
    I have spent hours at the castle and have many pictures . You are right to say it goes to fast , I Love this place . I can tell you I have been alone in the kitchen and you feel like someone is watching you same holds true in the upstairs rooms . What I got in a picture in Mary's room caused me to stay away for awhile . It was a demon with horns and its mouth was wide open showing fangs . You must surround yourself with the white light , if you do not it can follow you home like it did me .It was very late when I got home and all I wanted to do was go to bed but My bed was wet as if someone dumped a bucket of water on it for know reason and I had 3 scratches down my back . I knew then something followed me home . I went then to see the pictures I had taken that night and that's when I seen it . My family does not want me there any more . They started seeing things out of the corner of there eyes and strange things started happening , to the point I had to sage my home . Yet I still long to go back , something draws you there and keeps you coming back .