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December 1, 2011

Holiday Window Painting

 Oh Blogland. I owe all of you my sincere apologies yet again. Why does life have to rear its ugly head sometimes & take up all of your free time? My job has been crazy lately. Two people quit & that had us frazzled to say the least. With the store open 7 days a week & going from a staff of six down to four, chaos ensues. Then our manager ended up in the hospital on the 7th of November & is still not released to come back to work by her doctors. So four went down to three. We have been running around like crazy people, working tons of hours. When I come home after work I enter Zombie mode. I am there but not there if you know what I mean. We now have two new hires. One has started training but is catching on at a rather slow pace & the other starts training on Saturday. Fingers are crossed that they work out & some  free time will be once again become normal & not a thing of the past. I hope you all forgive me. My Broom is not even speaking to me right now. What a time it has been! I wanted to share with all of you the windows I painted for my job. These I painted with tempura paints. I had a blast doing these..........now onto the photos!

 Here is my snowman with some snow covered pine trees. Yes, he is smoking a cigar.......I work at a Tobacco Store my pretties.

Next up is my penguin. Ain't he cute? He is accented with some holly berries & leaves.

Here are some holly berries & leaves I did on the door.

Next up is my Santa. I adore this guy. You gotta love his wonky eyes!

Last is a candy cane with the name of the store. These were all done free hand. No stencils were involved. I am scheduled to do the windows at the nursing home my husband works at on my next couple hours off from my job.
 December is normally a super crazy month what with all the shopping one has to do. I am looking to clone myself. Anyone have any idea how to do that? There are so many projects I am itching to do for the Holiday.  Hope all of you out there in Blogland had an awesome Turkey Day. 
I so miss you all.

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  1. Okay, seriously - that pengy is THE CUTEST!!! So nice that you get to use a bit of your artistic side at work. I'm glad you found a minute to post! Sounds quite crazy up there...but too busy is prob. better than not busy enough.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I'd been thinking about you. I hope life is less insane!