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September 21, 2013

Gripe Time

Hey Blogland. Yes, I have been away yet again. Blogger has been giving me trouble lately. Haven't been able to get to my new post screen until today. Every so often I am able to look at the blogs I follow list. Most time Blogger tells me I am not following any blogs.

Yup for the first time in months I am able to create a post & I have a rant instead of the gazillion things I wanted to post about. 

I have a question to put to you. Why are all the blogs (ok not all but a freakin' hell of a lot) nothing but commercials anymore? I get on my list & I see"save on this", "save on that". If I wanted ads I would buy the Sunday paper. I want to see "how to redo a hopeless something or other" & I see this instead:

I'm wanting to see how to create Monster Dolls from Funky Flea Market barbies & I see this:

Or looking for a wickedly awesome way to entertain for Halloween I get this in my face:

Really Blogland? Is this what we have come to? A bunch of blogs telling you which store has the cheapest price on diapers? And most times that store is not even in your area?

I want to see revamped kitchens & bathrooms. Instead I get "Follow me & you can see how I feel about Nutella". 

When I finally finished yawning, I got pissed. I know most you out there have a creative streak in you or you wouldn't have started a blog in the first place.

Can we save our cyber space blogging? I hope so. Show me your crochet Cabbage Patch Doll Hat, your wall art for the kid's room, your Flea Market wicker trash can you turned into a lamp. Just please, please don't let me see so much of this:

Ok, I feel better now. Have I saved Blogland from becoming those annoying flyers that get stuffed into your mailbox once a week? (sigh) Probably not. It would be nice though. 

Hoping to get back to regular postings & time with my Broom flying around a commercial free Blogland.  I do miss my wickedly awesome Kiddies that my Broom & I pop in on. Everyone take care & stay cool & casual as always!

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  1. Oh I have misssed you, and it it almost Halloween! How will I make it through this year if I can't read your blog. I had to get a new address because of hackers, and I am "just" a housewife and grandma. Oh well, love your rant. I feel this way,too.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I don't mind a sponsored post every now and then, but not every day. I want to know about you, your family, what you're making not what sponsor is paying the most this week.

    Glad you're back!