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June 7, 2013

I Survived My 50th Birthday!

Morning Blogland! Yesterday, yours truly turned 50. There, I said it! Whew. Liberating actually. The hubs thought I should be depressed about it. But hey, you can't stop it unless you opt for the mega dirt nap & that was not on my agenda!

I went to work as it was a work day. My wickedly awesome crew surprised me with cake, pizza & gifts!

They had told the bakery to put Happy 50th Birthday Beth but the bakery omitted the 50th part. No biggie to  me. I got some really sweet gifts.

Aren't these some cool kicks?

Skull shirt! 

I got some really neat bling for my phone. The dangly  skull & also an owl.

I also received two skull bracelets & a skull necklace. That crew of mine knows me so well!

After work the Hubs took me out to dinner to celebrate further.

Of course he offered up a toast to me.

The Hubs & me:

The main course:

That lobster was so tasty! Looking at this photo makes me want to go back for another one. Mouth is watering big time!

After dinner the Hubs told me we had a stop to make. It was to my son's house were this was waiting for me:

They love me right? Right? Uh maybe? lol

Everyone had some cake.

Grandson Bradley

Grandson Ryan

Granddaughter Jessica

Jessica was explaining that Grandpa was cutting the cake & then Grandpa has to chime in with his words of not so wisdom about cutting the cake. He is a guy. That is the only way to explain it!

Jessica is watching herself on the camera thanks to the reverse flip thing.

Then to top it off, I got some more gifts!

The paper underneath is an Amazon gift card so I can get the latest Dean Koontz book for my Kindle. Pretty sweet. Plus the Hubs got me gift cards to two of my favorite stores! 

All in all it turned out to be a wickedly awesome birthday.

Today I am getting ready to make the 4 hour drive to Maryland for my oldest daughter's baby shower on Saturday. She is due the end of July & is giving me my second granddaughter. Yay for me!

My youngest daughter has arranged for me to have a massage once I get into Maryland.

Can't wait to get back & share baby shower pics with all of you.

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  1. looks like great gifts! I love the flip flops! lol awww a massage is always a nice gift :)