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June 3, 2013

Neptune Gets A Makeover!

Whats up Blogland? I am here today to share a little makeover for my Neptune statue. We still have not found his trident since the move from Florida. If I do not find it soon, I will either make him a new one or he will hold a festive seasonal flag! I would so hate to degrade him in that manner though. 

Neptune started out looking pretty rough. I have been promising him a makeover for sometime now & he has been so very patient about it.

Here is the poor guy off to the left of the photo. He kinda blends into the surrounding scenery. Poor Neptune.

Here is again looking & I am sure feeling Blah.

 I am almost embarrassed for him. So faded & chipped & missing his trident.

So, a can of spray paint later, Neptune is feeling more confident about himself ( as he should being God of the Sea & all)

Ta daaa!

Here he is looking absolutely stunning!

You can tell by the look on his face that he is loving the new macho image. Work it Neptune! Almost time for him to make the trip back to the front yard.

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  1. Merry Meet! Found you on Monday Mingle!! And so glad I did! I just love love love your blog name! So crafty clever!!! New Fan here!(not an exclamation over user-really. Just excited :)

  2. So wickedly glad you found me! Merry Meet to you. I'm happy you like the blog name. I always enjoy meeting new friends. Poof on by & visit often!

  3. It does look so much better! I can see why his esteem is boosted :) Thanks for linking him up at Monday Funday!