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June 4, 2013

Teaz Tanning

Okay Blogland, yesterday I posted about Neptune getting his makeover. I am in need of one myself. Being used to the wickedly wonderful Florida sunshine, my complexion has since paled from a lovely golden brown to what I consider "Corpse Beige". So not acceptable!

Needless to say, (but saying it anyway) I was surprised to learn that a place with only 10,000 residents had a tanning salon of such greatness as this place:

The employees there are great, always nice & greet you with a genuine smile. Plus the beds are so cool!

Look it:

& look it some more:

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I had been coffin testing. Freaked out a lot of friends & family! lol (sorry guys but my humor is twisted in that manner)

Look....Time Machine!

Ok, it is actually a stand up tanning bed. Haven't been in that one yet though.

I have been in this mac daddy of a bed:

It was a bit intimidating at first but one I was in there with the radio set to classic rock & the fan was gently blowing, I felt as if I were back on the Gulf Coast beaches.

Plenty of parking:

The decor is cool

The place is so big I once walked almost two blocks to the tanning bed I was assigned!

Alright, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. Just look at the length of the hallway though!
I know they have at least 18 beds if not more.
( I was in room 18 the other day)

They even offer Mystic Tan:

Of course you know I love the way that sounds!

The place is layed out really cute. I love the look of the front counter:

Makes this Witch cackle with glee!

They sell T-Shirts & bathing suits, odds & end trinkets plus a plethora of lotions.
The tanning packages are wickedly reasonable & they are always having promotions going on. My birthday is this coming Thursday & I saw that if you go in to tan on your birthday, you tan for free that time! That deal just screams me.

The place is so clean & again I will mention the staff is always so nice. I guess that is why they have been in business for 25 years here in Uniontown. Maybe there is hope for the frozen tundra after all! 

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  1. looks like a nice place-I'm a Seattle resident and we are proud of our twilight'ish pale skin!

    Last time I stepped into a tanning bed I was rockin out to WhiteSnake. I did try a mystic tan I swear I even had orange phlegm!

    Have a Happy Birthday!

  2. lol As long as you can rock the Twilight look its cool but I alas cannot. I am not up to the whole spray on tan thing. Too drippy from what I have seen on other people. Thanks for the birthday wishes!