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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

October 13, 2010

Back and going on

Hi to everyone who might one day read this. I am back after having a very trying year. I have had two different surgeries due to nasty cancer cells in my cervix and in my uterus. I am into week 5 of recovering from a total abdominal hysterectomy. My doctor, Dr. Jaz totally saved me! What a gem she is. Before & after my surgeries I have been surfing the interwebz & have found some really cool sites. Some about baking and some about crafting. ( what kind of witch would I be if I did not"cook" things up or I was not "crafty"?) I am working on some crafts & will post pics & stuff here in the near future. (translation: once my son gets over here with his digital camera cause I do not have one yet due to being out of work for almost a year thanks to health issues) I do want to send a "shout out" to my husband, children & family members who have been so supportive & caring during this screwed up time in my life. Now I am just waiting for the chin hairs to start to grow & then I can look like a Halloween Witch all year round! I will be posting links to the cool sites I found. You have to check these out. They are awesome. So I wish you health, luck, yummy baked goods & cool crafts!
Blessed Be


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