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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

October 31, 2010

Shout out to Sunny from Life in Rehab!

Sunny mentioned me on her blog the other day! I was so happy. I love her site & her talent to create such cool stuff from ho hum stuff. Her outdoor room has me drooling. I was so thrilled to get a mention I was yelling to my husband to get his butt in my office & check it out. He was like "What"? And I was like "Look there on the computer screen"! And he was like "What am I supposed to look at"? And I was like "Look my blog is mentioned on here...SEE"?!?!?! (wow.....felt a bit of a flash back from childhood what with the: & I was like & he was like) Sorry bout that but, I was like excited! Gonna be popping in on Sunny tomorrow cause there is something special she is posting. Heck I pop in her site everyday and look around.  She is awesome & has such great ideas! Can't wait to hit the Thrift Store to find some matching plates & bowls for cake dishes. Thank You Sunny!


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