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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

October 19, 2010

Cat Apparel at its Finest!

Okay. This is kinda funny and terrific all at the same time. Meow Wear....clothing for your cats! This is great if kitty will let you dress him or her. I used to have a cat named Grease Spot that loved to play dress-up. He had a baseball cap that said "Party Animal", a top hat, granny glasses and shades too. At a Luau I had he was dressed as a tourist with straw hat, sunglasses and a lei. Of course he hung around waiting for the smoked pork to get done. My cats now, Ramses and D'Artagnon would take off the offensive gear and probably yak on it. But if your kitty lets you spoil him or her....Meow Wear has just the thing or they will make a custom order for you.
If you want to get your Familiar dressed up.......poof on over to Meow Wear. 


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