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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

October 29, 2010

My Witch's Boots

Well my son finally made it over with his camera last night. Thank you again Son! Mother loves you. Anyway, here are some shots of the Witch's Boot's I have been making. These are made with paper mache over a cardboard frame. I used different types of cardboard in making these. One type was cereal boxes. But soda or beer boxes with the lite wax covering make for a much sturdier boot. Sorry I do not have step by step pictures of these yet. I will be getting those shots as soon as I can. The silhouettes were  hand drawn by me then painted over with acrylic paint. The boots themselves are also  done with acrylic.
I went through quite a few more designs for the silhouettes until I  found some that were not too hard to draw freehand but still had some detail.
The local dollar store had some really cute Halloween ribbon that I bought for these. The ribbon was labeled as having wire but alas the ribbon had no wire in it. I wanted the wire to help shape the bows when the "laces" were tied.
This photo shows how the cardboard form is put together before applying the paper mache. I used crumbled newspaper to help shape the toe of the boot. I learned the hard way that you should punch the holes for the laces out before applying the paper mache. I used a paint brush end to poke through the paper mache after each application.
Here is a shot of some of the other boots that are still in the works.
This cute little ghost has a lite gray shading in some places around his edging but the camera did not pick that up too well. I like the ghost but my husband & son say the silhouettes are the best design for the boots. What do you think? I was hoping to get these all done & ready to sell  before the local Farmer's Market reopened cause I was sure that while I was recovering from surgery that I could finish them all up. But my doctor was not kidding when she said I would need all of the six week recovery time. I tried to get these done but alas......guess I have until next year to get these & my other projects done!
Let me know if you like this project.  Each boot takes a bit of time what with drying & all but I think they are worth it. Later! 


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