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February 28, 2011

Gasp!!!!! She Mentioned Unmentionables!

 Yes my Blogland Peeps, I am breaking the rules once again...(a girl had to have her fun...right?) I am posting about those pesky things almost all women rely on thanks to the cruel force of gravity.........the bra. I prefer the under wire type to keep my womanly shape looking womanly & not like Carol Burnett playing Charo's mother.

The other day one of my under wires broke. Darn near pierced a lung. Sure, I could get home, take it off & toss it in the trash. But hey...these things are not cheap. And  I am not afraid to admit that I detest shopping for new bras. Every make had their own ideas of how much a DD cup should hold. Try finding the DD cup in a 34. Very tough (at least where I live) You have to try them on cause sometimes even your favorite brand will turn on you & redesign everything. So in my desperation I turned to my "stash o under wires" When a bra wears out but the under wires are still good, I cut the side of the bra & pull out the under wire. Then as it happened in this case, when disaster strikes I have back ups to save the day! First I remove the broken under wire by using my handing box cutter to cut a slit at the outer part of the the cup. Not in the front....the outer part. Here is a pic of what almost killed me:

 I know ......."ouch". You would think the makers would coat the entire wire in plastic to help save lives but alas, they seem not to care.

I remove the broken wire & insert a replacement.

Make your slice right about here. Note that is does not matter what side you cut to get replacement wires since that article is being trashed to save the day.

Insert your new wire & sew the slit closed. Make sure this is sewn up really well cause you do not want your new wire to try & sneak out of the fabric while you are wearing the newly revamped unmentionable. 
So there you are my Blogland friends. This tip can save you bucks & time & the attempt of a Victoria's Secret employee trying to fit you with a Madonna type bra that makes you look like you are out to bomb a small country. Hope some of you find this tip useful!

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  1. What a good idea! I have trouble around here looking for 34 DD. It's not easy at all! I don't like paying $80 for a bra either.

  2. That is a good idea, though I have yet to have a bra wire break. Mine always manage to wear down that plastic tip and cut through the inside of the bra and stab me...I've had my mom sew them up (she has a machine, I do not LOL) and they still usually poke through within a couple of wears/washes....It's so frustrating!

  3. Ha-ha...yes, I have been "stabbed" as well, but that's a great idea to recycle it since the bra is usually still in good shape. Great money saver!

  4. How we big busted women have survived, I don't know? One of my things is when you go through the TSA lines at the airport, these wires really are a weapon, just ask our armpits! Of course in our favor, if we're ever on a highjacked airplane we only have to pull our underwires out, then we could slit the throat of one of them. Heee Heee Heee

  5. You think 34DD is hard to find - try 32DD!!! (Of course I dont have that problem these days thanks to Baby #4, but I hope to have that problem again some day soon...)
    This is a great tip, thanks! I'll never throw out another bra without first removing the wire!

  6. Having the under wire come out and poke ya under the arm is never fun either! Great fix!