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February 24, 2011

Plotting Make-Overs For After The Move

 Hello Blogland. Today I am sharing with you some of the items that are making the move with us from warm & sunny Florida to the frozen tundra of PA. Once there, I will be deciding what goes where & how I will be redoing the different pieces. (people....I am gonna be busy) So, lets consider this the post of "before" photos. Once we are moved the "after" photos will be posted & compared. Okay, on to the stuff!

 Our first model is this hutch type thingy that is in my office right now. Yes, it holds some of my Wiccan items & some hand cream from Avon. The little "dresser" on the bottom shelf holds my various herbs. It too will be getting a make-over.

Here is a shot of the top of it. With it's little arch. I am thinking maybe doing something different with the top of this piece. I am still mulling it over though & not quite sure just what that will be.
(yes the walls in my office are purple!)

 And here is a nicely blurred shot of the top of the 3 sets of drawers below.

Next is this role top disaster desk that the Hubs rescued from an estate sale next to one of our old cleaning contracts. This will be stripped and redone along with new drawer pulls. My cat Ramses has been using the front of the drawers for a scratching place. I have to find a way to stop this treatment of my furniture. The squirt gun has no effect on Ramses.

This is a piece I got while dumpster diving one day. Actually, I was taking out the garbage to the dumpster at the first place we lived at after moving here to Florida. It was an apartment complex. I was tossing the trash bag in when I noticed the legs of this table sticking up. So, I pretty much climbed in & got it. I was so tickled & have been plotting the remake of this piece ever since. If we were staying in Florida this would be painted black cause I was going to do our bedroom in black & silver. That of course is not happening now.

This desk sits in our bedroom & was going to be painted black also. This goes along with the hutch type thingy that is in my office. This too will be redone some sort of way to reflect the country atmosphere we will be living in.

This shows what happens when your husband rearranged crap in your house when you are not home. When the large screen television came as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law & did not fit in our entertainment center, this is how he made a spot for the stereo/cd player. Since we are moving, I just walk past this & shake my head. Men! This will also be redone. This also needs to be redone!

These dressers that hold the monster television are once again going back into a bedroom when we move & will be redone accordingly.

Here sits my sad & neglected entertainment center. Once a proud piece of furniture it sets rejected eagerly awaiting it's revival into something once again, totally awesome. I plan to put shelves in the center part & add some paint.

This little table we inherited somewhere down the line here in Florida. It sits in our Florida Room & needs some TLC to be sure. Okay, honestly.....it is hideous. But I know that I can turn it into something eye catching.

 And finally, this old rocking chair that D'Artagnon is lounging in will be given a new lease on life also.  Some paint & some country accents will spruce up this old boring chair in no time.
As you can see my Blogland friends, I will have my hands full with this move & all the stuff I have to redo to make them do-able.  Realistically.....most of this crap should have been done a long time ago. Guess I was putting it off for a reason.

Any suggestions on what some of these pieces should look like once revamped?

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  1. Wow! All that revamping's gonna be a full time job in itself! Have fun!

  2. OMGOSH Beth...you are going to have your hands...busy!! So much potential I see. I love the dresser hibbikins found...very cool!! Like your idea for the entertainment center too.


  3. Its not often you hear of folks moving from FL to PA. Usually, the opposite. *lol* You will have enough to keep you busy all spring and summer. My favorite piece is the desk. I look forward to seeing how they look when you are done with them.