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June 7, 2014

Boys Don't Do Princesses!

My son & his family recently enjoyed a week at Disney.  They had planned the trip because my daughter-in-law's father & step-mom lived close by. Unfortunately, his work took him from Florida to Texas & they had to move the weekend of the trip. But, the trip was already paid for & off they went. My son, his wife & their three kids.

One thing my son should have known. Boys don't do Princesses! My son told his middle child, Bradley to go get his photo taken with Belle after a Story time with Belle interactive event. The photo that resulted is this:


I love this picture. I have to admit, I laugh whenever I look at it.  Bradley is the master of the facial expression! 
Hmmm......I wonder who he get it from?
 His dad I am sure.
 (who yes, got it from me)

All three kids had a wonderful time. Ryan, who is 15, Bradley, 9 & Jessica, 4.

Jessica is into the Princesses in a big way. She went to Disney with every Princess dress there is in her suitcase. Plus, as an added bonus, my son & his wife got her the Minnie outfit she is wearing in this photo once they got to Disney. 

Oh no! She isn't spoiled! (cough cough)

One can be mistaken for a Disney Princess when the Princess has gone on break.
Here is Jessica filling in for Sophia the First.

Every Princess fill in knows that when the real Princess does show back up, you must keep up with the regal attitude!

Now 15 yr. old young men must keep the "cool" persona going at ALL times. Such as:

Nothing says "cool" more than cheesing it up for the camera while your mother is behind you screaming her head off!

Or looking totally bored in the second row while the rest of the car looks to be having fun.

Always maintain the coolness even when your hair is being blown & you are sitting in the backseat with your mother & and some other folks you don't know!

Back to the master of the facial expression. Bradley during his Jedi training makes me think of a Harry Potter meets Star Wars.

I mean, this IS some serious stuff.

Now Bradley is totally deaf in his left ear. So when the move was to duck, he heard jump.

He took Darth Vader & the other Jedi Knight by surprise with that move! Kudos to the Park Photographer for catching Bradley in mid air.

Of course girls can be Jedi Warriors too. The trick is to wow the dark side with your adorableness.

Darth Vader stands no chance against this young Jedi.

Taking a bit of time out for a family photo before getting back to more adventures!

Someone got into a bit of trouble while waiting to meet Mickey Mouse & decided to hide.

Mickey showed her that two can play that game!

When Mickey beckons, you don't turn him down.

Even if you are still in a bit of a bad mood.

Not too close Mouse or Disney is gonna be short a star!

Jessica went from homicidal to graceful.
Nothing cures the negative thoughts better than showing your feminine side with Minnie!

More family togetherness with Chef Mickey!

Tinkerbell is sure to be a kid pleaser.

Becoming Rapunzel's new BFF

So, just remember when at Disney, girls & Princesses is a big yes!

But Boys Don't Do Princesses! 

All the above photos were done by Disney photographers. I would like to take a second & thank all of them who took wonderful photo memories of my son's three children & also the people who portray the Disney characters. They were all so great with the kids. Yes, it is their job & they do it very well.

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  1. This looks like great fun!! I made a Cinderella dress to run a 10K race in next month. I have yet to post it but it looks great!