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June 8, 2014

My Broom's Favorite Facebook Pages

Morning Blogland! Well, I survived yet another birthday this past Friday. Had a wickedly awesome day thanks to family, co-workers, friends & Facebook friends!  The Hubs took me to dinner & I indulged in Lobster & wine. My crew at Tobacco World got me this cake:

Enough about turning older. Soon I will be considered a Crone! Nothing wrong with that, I'm just not ready yet.

On to the reason for the post. My Broom has been a bit touchy since we haven't been on many travels lately. He has been nagging me to share some of his favorite Facebook pages which are loaded with great ideas for crafting & recipes. So here we go!

This FB page is chocked full of great ideas & links to were they come from with instructions or recipes.....whatever. Such as:

This too cute "little grass house" made from colorful sponges.
This makes me cackle with glee!

These Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes are sure to cast just the right spell to make someone fall in love with your baking skills!

A Watermelon Keg! This is just wickedly adorable.  Also on this link is a recipe for Watermelon Agua-Fresca.  Looks like I will be putting this brew together soon myself!

This FB page has some wickedly awesome idea as well. I can spend hours going over the ideas they share. (this aggravates my Broom too)

Just look!

40 + tables made from pallets! All of these ideas have me wanting to go a hunting for as many pallets as I can carry on my Broom.

What?!?!?!?!?  Wow! This from Our Daily Ideas showed me a trick or three that I have used to wow & amaze my friends! Of course I tell them that my Witchy Instinct led me to do these things!
Don't don't tattle on me or I will have to turn you into a toad! 
Kidding! (not)

Genius idea! These easy to do little Shoe Hangers are too cute & what great use for those wire hangers that are so out of fashion these days.

Another one from Goods Home Design. Epic win in my book.  Now I wish I had saved the old tires from my car!  I know I'd have a least four of these babies in my house or on my patio.

My trusty Broom has lots more favorite Facebook pages that I will share with you at a later date. I'm off to create magic in my front yard this morning with some lovely plants I bought yesterday from Lowes.

Don't for get to leave a comment. Oh & become a follower of Wiccan Make Some Too. Hey, all the cool kids are doing it!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! That cake looks divine :) Hugz from London!