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June 21, 2014

Twenty-five Cent Planters

Morning my Blogland Sweeties! Back in April I scored big time with trunk load full of Halloween stuff from a Gabriel Bros. sidewalk sale for only $12.00! 
Yes, I know, what a wickedly awesome deal! Please, please save the applause for later.  Here is what my overstuffed trunk looked like:

See those adorable purple cauldrons? I cackled with glee when I spotted those for only a quarter a piece! In fact, everything I purchased that day was only a quarter. But more on that later!

I had a wickedly special plan for those cauldrons. 


Yes, I was going to wave my wand & "poof" planters. Well, okay actually I had to punch a hole in the bottom of these beauties to transform them into planters.  One needs proper drainage for planters you know.

I used gardening shears to punch the holes on the bottom of the cauldrons. I had soooo much fun. It was almost as awesome as pushing pins into a Voodoo Doll!

Next step was placing some rocks in the bottom of the cauldrons turned planters. If you remember the curse on my house when we bought it, I had 5 tons of river rock in my front yard. (shudders)  So I had some rocks left over to do this with. Then, I added some potting soil & I was ready for my plants!

I added some Salvia & Impatiens. The Salvia I scored from Lowes at a marked down price of $1.00 each. All they needed was a little magic & a place to call home.

The replanting was under way!

I decided to place these on my front steps. The Hubs loves them. He didn't think he would but once he saw them & I waved my hand at his head.......the rest is history. Bwahahahahahaha!

Well would you look at that. My front steps need repainted. Gonna get the Hubs on that project pretty darned soon.  Yes, that is more left over river rock invading my photo. They maybe transformed into something else at a later date.

I am so happy with the way my plan worked out for these cauldrons & purple yet! My most favorite color! Now I have a Halloween reminder on my porch all Summer long!
(cackling here again!)

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  1. what a fun and funky and super budget friendly display. also, i looove halloween and i'm super excited to see your countdown. enjoy!