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June 23, 2014

Bunnehs, Bunnehs Everywhere!

Blogland! Hows it going? I wanted to share with you a couple of photos of my neighbors. They are always hanging out in my back yard. I'm cool with that though. They use our picnic table, lay out under our trees & generally make themselves right at home.

When it rains, this little one uses the picnic table as an awning! Too cute right?

When I came home from work on Friday, this Bunneh greeted me! He look so relaxed. It made my day better & I can honestly say, save a few people from the wrath of my VooDoo Doll collection. (wink)

This particular Bunneh has dug itself a groove in which to lay in. Looks pretty comfy to me, how about you?

They are not afraid of us since they have been using our yard as theirs for quite a while. The Hubs & me always talk to them & give them water & food.


This one is curious as to what I was saying to him. I told him he looked pretty relaxed.

 See him all sprawled out in his glory!  We have quite a few that hang out in our yard. The Hubs loves it when it is "playtime".  They chase each other & hop all around doing flips & such. It is a great time watching these little bugger enjoy themselves.

Some mornings as I am leaving for work there are the Bunnies, tons of birds & butterflies all around my yard. I feel as if I am walking out of my house & into a Disney flick!

What kind of Mother Nature's creatures hang out at your house?  I'd love to see some photos that you all could post with the beauty of Nature as the theme!

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