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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

June 29, 2014

The Cat's Pajamas Art Studio

Hello once again Blogland. I am excited today to share with you one of the newest shops in North East, Maryland.

The Cat's Pajamas Art Studio!

Run by the talented Erica Dewitt. 

This shop will excite you so much, it'll knock your green & black striped socks right off!  

Now I knew Erica long before she became the proprietress of this eclectic Art Studio. She went to school with my daughters & I had the pleasure of watching this lovely girl grow up into such a talented woman.

She has been making these lovely Gourd Lamps & Bird Houses for a while now & this helped push her into the direction of starting her own unique shop.

Here is a sampling of some of her lamps & such.

Staring with her Gourd Birdhouses.
These little beauties have me cackling with delight!

I have seen her work up close as both of my girls have some of Erica's creations in their own homes.

I so adore the designs on this lamp!

This just screams "talented" to me!

The next photo is of her latest creation, the Turtle Gourd Lamp. I am in awe over her creative skills.

The time going into the planning of this whimsical lamp was a snap for Erica I am sure. She seems to have the eye for those things!

Just look how cute he is!

I want to feed him some lettuce & grass & paint his little turtle toenails! lol
Come on, how wickedly awesome is this?  One of a kind & his face looks so real.  

Her shop is full of items by various artists & creators in the area. She also sells these wonderful candles by Tracy Patrick creator of  "This Little Light of Mine" candles. I have first had knowledge of how scrumptious these candles are. I have a few in my own home. They are the creations of my youngest daughter, Tracy Patrick!

Here she is with her joy, her son Carson. Carson of course is one of my enchanting grandchildren! 

This Little Light of Mine candles come in a wide variety of scents & styles. Tracy makes them in tea cups, wine glasses, traditional jars & more!  The scents she uses are true & long lasting.

The Cat's Pajamas shop will even put together a gift basket for you!

Oh look! There are my daughter's candles in that one!  Looks like homemade soap too.

The Cat's Pajamas now has their own signature bath & body products created by Elaine & Betsy!

Doesn't that get you wanting to soak in a nice hot tub to rejuvenate yourself?

Erica must get her creative side from her mother, Yvonne Peirce. Yvonne creates handcrafted jewelry that is also sold in her daughter's shop!

They look wickedly fashionable don't they?

Erica has a wide variety of art work such as these whimsical ocean themed pictures by Cassandra Welker 

I am so loving these. I never thought I'd want to cuddle with an octopus but just look at how cute he is!

And this Maryland Blue Crab by Cassandra would make an attractive addition to your beachy decor!

Kitties! Oh my. This sets my heart on fire. Love Kitties!  Sharon Biemer is the talent behind these must have pieces.

Treats for your feet! Just try not to want a pair of these clever flip flops wrapped with yarn by Dawn Watson. Go ahead, try. I bet it doesn't work. 

In sizes for girls & ladies. Everyone can have a pair of these!

Hmmm.....I wonder if she makes them in black?  What? Witches love having comfy feet too!

Window frame photographs  Don't ya just love it?

Robert Parlier has done a wickedly fantastic job with these.  Oh, I could just snatch them all up.

I mean......look!

And look!

And look some more!

My happiness level is about to bubble over.

I want them all & I want these too:

John Werners creates these intriguing wooden candle holders from drift wood.  They would be a most welcome addition to any fashionable Witches alter or just your mantle or side table!

Of course I am also eyeballing that gorgeous table they are sitting on! 

How much for the table Erica?

Wow.  Just look at the character these pieces have.

More delightful work by Sharon Biemer. 

And look, there is the table I want again!

I could just go on all day about the wonderful items for sale in the Cat's Pajamas Art Studio!

You have to make it a stop on your travels if you are in the area or just driving through Maryland.

It will be a stop well worth your time.

Oh.....I want one of everything! Ok, more that one. I want all of it!

But since I know I can't, I will share the address with you.

The link below will show you a map with directions.

To contact Erica's shop:

Check The Cat's Pajamas out on Facebook too.

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