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October 28, 2009

Wicca Basics

Deciding to become Wiccan most definitely has to be a personal choice. I decided quite a few years ago (29yrs ago to be exact) that the Wicca way was just what I had been searching for. It did take quite some time for me to come out of the "broom closet" so to speak. For the longest time my children did not even know. Recently my mother-in-law found out (that could be a whole other blog!) You must do some deep soul searching, as one should with choosing any religion. I'm very happy with my choice & do not hide the fact now that I am a witch. (in fact most people I know would agree with that quite readily!) I wear a broomstick necklace with the words "Blessed Be" on it & yes, people ask me about it all the time. I get, "Oh, you must be a witch. ha ha ha". And I reply " Actually, yes I am". Sometimes you could hear crickets chirp after I say that, but if a person already knows you & knows the type of person you are, they usually accept it & you with no problems. In fact you would be surprised as to how many people want to talk to me about past experiences, someone they know, or just what is "Wicca" in general. As I said earlier, find who you want to be & what you would like to represent as your belief system. Go with your gut & not what you have been raised to believe. ( yeah, that part may be tough if your mom or grandmother , etc, would look at you like you have three heads). My ten year old grandson is proud of his Grandmama the Witch.  Happy hunting as to who you really are.
Blessed Be