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November 3, 2018

Bearded Skull Beard Balm

Morning Interwebz!  Me again. Just wanted to share this company with you all. My broom & I have been busy traveling the interwebz highways & we came upon this place:

(not getting paid to post this. just wanted to share)

This company sells:

Beard Oil

Beard Oil hydrates the skin beneath your beard. It also softens and tames your beard. It works double-duty to help keep your beard shiny and groomed.

Beard Budder

A happy median between a balm and an oil. Giving you all the moisturizing and conditioning benefits with less hold.

Beard Balm

Simply put, Beard Balm is a leave in conditioner that moisturizes, softens and assists in the styling of your beard. When applied correctly our beard balm will keep your beard looking healthy and strong.

If your Hubby or significant other has a beard, you should consider these products. There are quite a few different scents to choose from. I can guarantee you will find one you love.

Here's a few:

Harvest Spice Budder 

Ocean Breeze Balm

 Naked Budder (unscented)

Piney Beard Balm

These are just a few of what they offer. If you travel to their Facebook page you can see more of their products.  I think the Beard accessories are Wickedly Awesome!

So if you know someone who has an established beard or someone who is just starting to sprout one, products from this place would make perfect gifts. They even have T-shirts, tumblers & soap! One stop shopping.

If you are lucky enough to be in the area, you can meet the Bearded Skull Creators here:

My broom is ready to travel to more exciting places along the interwebz highways.


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November 2, 2018

Gelatin Art Cake

Happy Friday my pretties! I wanted to take a minute to show you all my latest fixation. Jello Art Cakes. I have seen these on the interwebz for years & sooo wanted to try this. And finally I did. I purchased a kit from Gelatin Art Market,  I could spend tons of money there! But, with that not being an option I bought a starter kit with tools.

I was so excited waiting for it to arrive. I couldn't wait to open the kit & get started.  It has everything you need to get started & you don't have to sell any vital organs to afford it! Here's what you get

- High Quality Gelatin Powder Bloom 280 
- Citric acid
- Vanilla sugar
- Food coloring (Yellow, Red, Blue, White)
- Food Flavoring
- Syringes
- Blunt and sharp edge needles
- Gelatin Art Tools (4 Pcs)
- Ultra absorbent tissues
- Plastic containers #1009 (15 Pcs)

The kit of course comes with directions on how to prepare the Gelatin & the different methods. I'll cut to the chase & show you what I did.

This was my first attempt. I have to admit I was rather impressed with myself. Believe me, I watched many Youtube videos before I attempted to do this.

These were next.

I sent a photo of the one above to my youngest daughter & she though it was a paper weight! But I can see why she would think that. 

Not all were great. Just tuck the ones you don't like into what will be the back of the cake & cut that piece first. Preferably slicing into the middle of the failed creation before anyone notices it!

This one below made me cringe.

I still have a long way to go & many techniques to learn & perfect.

Next was forming the actual cake. This can get a bit tricky but I'm sure over time I will have less issues with it. For one thing the glass bowls ended up really heavy. You have to insert a smaller bowl into the bigger bowl & you have to secure that sucker so it stays put.

After securing the smaller bowl I added clear gelatin between the small bowl & the larger bowl. Then added ice water to help it set quicker. Once the gelatin has set you simply use a ladle to scoop out the water. Next was immersing the entire thing in warm water to release the hold on the smaller bowl. You do have to be careful not to get water into the gelatin & also not to allow the gelatin to melt. I found out after using the glass bowls that metal bowls or pans release so much easier (& I'm sure weigh less). But I wouldn't have these photos had I used metal to begin with since metal bowls are not see through. I was remiss in getting photos of the filling of the center of the cake. I used different color gelatin layers to form the middle.

Here it is after releasing it from the larger bowl. I thought it was delicious. I took this to work as it was the owner's birthday of the store that I manage & she was stopping by. Some people were unsure of how to react to this.  One of my clerks just couldn't get enough of this. 

I thought of making individual gelatin cakes with gelatin skulls in the center & tinting the clear gelatin red. Haven't done it yet but I'm going to call them "Blood Blisters".  Yes, it sounds gross & disgusting but hey......why not?

Moral of the story is: Don't be afraid to try something new. 

I f this intrigues you, I suggest stopping by the Gelatin Art Market & scope it out. And don't forget YouTube. Lots of videos to get those creative juices flowing! 

Gotta fly dearies!


October 13, 2018

I'm Still Here!

Wow, It's been a while since I've posted on here. I have truly missed all of you. My broom has too. We managed to somewhat settle in here in the frozen tundra. (still too cold for my liking) But I have met some Wickedly Awesome folks since moving here. One of those people is my now dear friend & sister in craft Ceane O'Hanlon Lincoln. Ceane is also an incredibly talented award winning author! Her County Chronicles series is checked full of fascinating Pennsylvania history.  She also wrote Autumn Song, a delightful book of short stories. While all this has certainly made her a name in the publishing world Ceane is most famous for her Sleuth Sisters Mysteries. This book series is a must read for Witches & "Muggles" alike! I want to tell you of her latest Sleuth Sister Mystery that is now available just in time for Samhain or Halloween. This latest in the series is titled The Witch's Secret. I absolutely love this book! (I love all of them)  You can't help but become beguiled by cousins Maggie, Raine & Aisling as they manage to solve yet another mystery. Check them out for yourself. You will be a huge fan just like I am. These books are all available on Amazon so make yourselves a nice hot toddy, kick back & enjoy!

Happy reading! 

Everyday is Halloween isn't it? For some of us.....

April 12, 2015

MISTS OVER APPOMATTOX & Happy Birthday to the author Ceane O'Hanlon Lincoln!

Hello Blogland!  Yes, I know I have been missing in action once again. Some things one can't seem to avoid. Like having acute bronchitis & sinusitis for over two months. Then I had my Family Reunion over Easter weekend. Busy me but that's not why I have "poofed" my way back to the interwebz today. I am here to wish a dear friend a most wickedly awesome Birthday & to announce the release of another wonderful Audio-book by the Birthday Lady.

Mists Over Appomattox 

 You can contact her on her Facebook page to order this. I have included the link below. 

This Audio-book is a must have for anyone. The history buffs you know will thank you for a gift such as this. Students will be sure to get magickally good grades when listening to this while studying the history of our great nation in school.

Mists over Appomattox was produced by Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh just as her first Audio-book, A Sentimental Journey was.

Ceane has been referred to as a "State of the Heart" writer. Hear the story of the surrender at Appomattox that ended a war that nearly tore our nation apart in our early history. That happened 150 years ago this month! 

This rag doll was the silent witness to the surrender parley that took place in the home of the McLean family. She also comes to life in Ceane's Sleuth Sisters Mysteries! 

I highly recommend every book this talented Lady has written.

I devoured the fourth book of her Sleuth Sisters Mysteries in no time. Her writing is that hard to put down & walk away from!

I just love this photo of Ceane & her dear friend Shirley Jones.  Both Pennsylvania natives are such talented ladies indeed.

Here is the link below to Ceane's Amazon page with most of her works on it. You owe it to yourself to get her books to read. From fiction to historical collections, I promise you will thank yourself for this.

A note to my friend:

Ceane, I hope you have the happiest birthday to date.  You are a wonderful, caring person with the most extraordinary aura I have ever seen. I have been greatly blessed by having your friendship. I look forward to many more years of this amazing friendship. Our discussions on your books & giving you my take on things has been quite enjoyable & eye opening for me. Love & hugs to you my cherished friend. Oh & hurry up with the fifth book in your Sleuth Sisters Mysteries please! I can't wait to discuss things with you as you write & to read the finished product.

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October 11, 2014

Samhain Reading At It's Best!

Blessed Saturday to all my lovelies out in Blogland.

The chill is in the air & it's time to curl up with some wickedly awesome reads! It's not too late to poof on over to Amazon & get these magickal books you will not want to put down.

 The Sleuth Sisters Mysteries & Autumn Song by the most wondrous lady around,

Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln!

Follow this magick link to the most magickal reading material you will find.

You won't have to thank me for showing you the way to an awesome reading experience that will leave you wanting more.

You don't have to, but........okay if you want to, you can thank me!

Grab a comfy pillow, a warm cozy throw, a nice Hot Toddy & let Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln sweep you into a magickal world you will not want to leave. Make new best friends with Raine, Maggie & Aisling. 

Believe me, these reads are the best treat & no tricking involved!

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September 28, 2014

Confessions of Crafty Witches on Facebook

Morning Blogland! 

Today I want to take you on a magickal journey to meet the creators of one of my favorite Facebook pages;

This epic page is chocked full of recipes, gardening tips, costume ideas,decorations, crochet & knitting patterns & oh so much more!

Daw, his fiance Vadora & their friend Frisky run the page. It's such an awesome place to get lost for an hour or so. (or more, like I have numerous times!)

The wickedly awesome things they share most times leave me drooling.

Here, in Daw's words is his description of the page:

Good morning
my name is Daw 
I created this page along with Vadora my Fiance and my best friend Frisky who helps me run the page

We created this page as a place that Everyone no matter what religion or non religion person could come to enjoy and have fun
whether  is Crafts or Recipes or learn about holidays and traditions
from other cultures and Educate people while having fun 
and a place we could talk about Paganism/ Wiccan religions in a non preachy kinda way..  

We also share a number of artists from the Artist community
 to help promote their work to better help the community 
as you may or may not be aware Facebook  limits the organic feed 
on small business and Artists unless they pay facebook a Fee

so we help artists and small business for Free
all we ask is a Share for a share in return

It’s not just about cooking and promoting art, but about improving the quality of life and living in harmony with world around us.

Ahhh! How nice to have such wonderful people sharing & helping others. We need much more of this kind of thing in the world today.

Below is a photo from their album titled "Healthy Noms & Drinks"

Each photo has a link to the recipe if it is not already with  the photo.

Here are just a few wickedly adorable ideas from their "Crochet/Knitting Patterns" album.

Awwww! Look it's me & my familiar Ramses!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Toothless from How To Train A Dragon
(so cute)

And a Batman mask!

From the "BBQ & Camping" album we have these:

Camping stool painted with glow in the dark paint! How wickedly crafty is that?

Onion Bombs! Such a tasty way to cook your campfire meat loaf. You can make these bad boys up & have them in your cooler all set to go in the fire.

S'mores campfire cupcakes. What a  great idea for any time!

Campfire cinnamon rolls. Okay, now I have made myself really hungry.

From the album "Re-purposed & Upcycled"

Kittehs being comfy!

This makes me want to go find some doors right now!

Play kitchen small

Play kitchen not so small

Next time you are on Facebook, poof on over to Confessions of Crafty Witches
& take a look around. Like the page & share some of your favorite ideas you see there with your friends!  They will thank you for it I am sure.

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September 13, 2014

What's Cooking in the Cauldron-Fresh Green Beans *Touched by Elsa

Hello Blogland! Hope your weekend is starting out magickal.

Today, in the Cauldron, I have cooked up some wickedly delicious fresh green beans given to me by one of the employees at my store. As luck would have it, the Hubs put them in the fridge in the exact spot that for some unknown reason, things freeze.

I say they are touched by Elsa.

In the photo below the dark green beans are the frozen ones. We have turned the fridge down but things still continue to freeze in that spot on the second shelf. I could see maybe the top shelf, but the second shelf?  

But this did not foil my creative efforts for a yummy pot of beans for the Hubs to consume.

First I cut up some bacon. Now I prefer to cut the bacon when it is frozen. This bacon was in the freezer & not the second shelf of the fridge!

I cut off an end of the bacon while frozen & then make slices.

The bacon is so much easier to deal with this way  in my opinion.  No extra cutting is required. I toss these in the pan & the bite size pieces separate as they thaw & start to cook.

Add half of a medium sized onion chopped.

Cook them together in the pan.

While that magick is happening, I snap the beans & wash them.

Once the bacon & onion have cooked enough for the onion to become transparent & the bacon a bit crisp, add the beans.

I like to have them cook with the bacon & onion for just a bit before adding liquid.

My secret ingredient is chicken flavoring. I use a teaspoon for every cup of water. You don't want the flavoring to over power the beans, just add that special something to make the eater think, "Hmmmm....what is this I taste"?

Next I add a couple of shakes of crushed red pepper for that extra added kick!

Once they start to simmer, put the lid on but leave a bit open for the steam to escape. 

Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes & if your family is like my Hubs, the will be gone in a flash. Way before you get the chance to take a picture of them on a plate!

One day maybe we will get rid of that "Elsa" spot in the fridge.

Sharing this with some wickedly awesome sites!

I Heart Naptime

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