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November 30, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

 Okay....ehemm (tap, tap) is this thing on? Why is it making that gosh awful squealing noise? What? Oh, oh okay I'll back away from it some. Thanks
Hi everyone & thanks for stopping by to hear my acceptance speech for the Stylish Blogger Award! I'd like to thank my children who helped in making me as crazy as I am. My husband who helped finish the job of making me crazy & makes sure that on any given day I regain none of my sanity back. I'd also like to thank my stylist from the Goodwill Thrift Store for dressing me in my outfit for today. Most of all I would like to thank Crystal from Crystal's Creations for bestowing this honor upon me & to all the readers & followers of Wiccan Make Some Too, whom without I would not be where I am in Blogland today! This is a special day for me & I am so happy you are all here to share it with me.

To accept this award I have to do the following:
1). Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
2). Share 8 things about myself
3). Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered
4). Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

Things to know about me:

 1.  My mother was Hungarian, my father was Navajo  so that makes me a  Hungryjo.

   2.  I have 3 children. One boy, Shannon- 32yrs old & two girls  Theresa- 28 yrs old & Tracy-27 yrs old


   3. I am Grandmama (yea..like Endora from Bewitched) to 4 beautiful  grandchildren.  Ryan-11yrs, Bradley- 5yrs, Carson- 3yrs  & Jessica-  9months

   4. I do not smile much. When people ask me about it I tell them that it  takes more muscles to frown than to smile so therefor I am working out.


   5.  I am allergic to just about every type of food & after some years  of shots & the reactions to them I just eat what I want & take my  chances. Not real smart I know but I never claimed to be a Rocket Scientist.     

   6.  The first three numbers of my birthday are 666 (really they are!) That  tends to freak people out sometimes. The other day during a job interview  the guy interviewing me says "Oh, you have three sixes for the first  three numbers in your birthday" I replied " I think thats the required  amount".          


    7. My favorite color is purple but I wear a lot of black clothing cause  black has the "slimming" effect. Once my oldest daughter asked why I wear so much black clothing. I told her when they come out with a darker color  I will wear that.


    8. I am Wiccan (big shock I know) & happy with my chosen "path" in  life. I am just as compassionate as anybody else. I don't abuse the knowledge I have gained through studying Wicca  but I have had "fun" with it in the past. (believe me you don't want bad Karma snapping at your heels....not fun)    

Now for the 8 bloggers I am passing this award onto: (can you hand me that envelope? Thanks)
(drum roll please)

Two Nice Nice's in 24 Hours!

 My friends in Blogland have made me feel wickedly special. First Krafty Kat said I was certifiable certified krafty & then Crystal from Crystal's Creations presented me with the Stylish Blogger Award! (good thing she can't see me sitting here in my frumpy clothes right now, she'd take it back!) I am thrilled to pieces here people. I have to go write my acceptance speeches, check with my closet stylist & see what I will be wearing for my acceptance speeches. I have to get my hair brushed done, invite family in from out of town to hear my speeches....I'm gonna be busy! Whew. Thanks with all my heart & then some you guys!

 It's just so very nice, nice!
(which is much better that just nice)

I want to send a shout out to all of my Followers too! Thanks for thinking enough of this blog to become a follower. I have gotten 21 new followers just since Thanksgiving!
I am feeling the love.


Dear Santa- Define "Good"

  Oh another day begins & here we all are co-existing together in Blogland! Today I want to show you a Holiday decoration with my own sick special twist. As you all may have figured out by now I am Wiccan. I guess you could say I am a practicing Wiccan. But really I did all the practicing a long time ago & now I am pretty darn efficient with it. Okay so here is my Holiday decoration with a Wiccan twist.

 I got the wood piece from Michael's Crafts on clearance after Halloween. It has been sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration to strike. Well it struck alright. Like a backhand to the face!

This is what it looked like staring at me except it was on my desk. (wow do my stools need a makeover...eeek!) I took a piece of cardboard & after measuring the size I would need, cut it & took it outside for a couple a three coats of Chalkboard paint. I had no idea how this was gonna work on cardboard but I am thrilled to say it did! Of course the chalk priming seems to have oozed its way in a bit more than I would have liked. But I am not striving for perfection here. (ok maybe just a little) I painted my Jack O' Lantern & gave him a little Santa hat. I hot glued that on also I hot glued a little white pompom on the end of the Witch hat just for @#$%'s & giggles. Here is my wording up close.

 Dear Santa - Define "Good"
 You know cause I would like to figure that out one day. I mean just how hard is one supposed to work at that? Do you see where I'm coming from on this? I'm sure you do. I can just picture you all sitting there, looking like a bobble head going "yup, yup"
 Okay..one more look see.

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November 28, 2010

Handmade Ornament Exchange Party

Under The Table and Dreaming is having a Handmade Ornament Exchange Party! I got so excited about it that I had to share these cute little Hat Ornaments with all my friends in Blogland.

To get started on this you need a toilet paper roll & some yarn. Measure 3/4" off on a toilet paper roll & cut the piece. Don't worry, you have to flatten it out but toilet paper rolls are hardy creatures & you can just fluff it back into shape.

Cut you yarn into 14" pieces. You will need about 40 or so depending on the thickness of your yarn. Then cut one piece that measures 20". ( that will be your hanger)

Fold your yarn in half & slip it through the toilet paper roll section pulling the open ends through the loop around the toilet paper roll cardboard.

Do this with all the yarn pieces making sure you keep them side by side & not on top of each other & all going the dame direction. Once that is done push the open ends through the toilet paper section. Tie at the ends, be careful to pull your hanger piece out of the way & trim the yarn to form the pompom.
(sorry...pics of these steps came out really wonky)
When you are done you have a Winter Hat Ornament!

Okay, thats not the best picture either. But you see what I mean. I was using baby yarn so it is not as thick as the other stuff that I have on hand but only in black & that doesn't do well in pictures.

Linking this up with Under The Table & Dreaming.


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November 27, 2010

"Trashy" Holiday Wreath

Alright boys & girls class is in session on how to make your very own Trashy Holiday Wreath. I call it that cause most of the "ingredients" were going to go into the trash at one point until I saved them from that horrible fate. First I took some cardboard & traced a circle with a dinner plate. Inside of that circle I traced around a saucer. (sorry i did not take pics of these steps) I cut those out & took my hole punch around the cardboard circle punching holes until my hands were cussing me.  I cut the handles & fronts off of grocery store bags & cut those strips in half then folded each cut piece in half. I started twisting the bottoms of my cut pieces & stuffed them into the holes on my cardboard circle.

My grandson, Ryan helped prep some of the bags for me removing the handles & cutting the printed on fronts. Grandmama appreciates your help Ryan!

This is a shot with me punching holes as I went & I knew that would not work very well.

Here is how it looks from the back with some holes punched.

When all my plastic bag sections were completed (got two plastic pieces per bag & no I did not count the bags but it was a lot) & stuffed into the punched holes I had this.

This shot was done on an angle. You cannot see the cardboard from head on. Trust me on this.

Here it is from the back with Inspector #13 (Ramses) doing the inspection.

I added some hot glued on black feathers (hey...it IS me here people!) some ornament stickers & a little Santa I got in a bag full of stuffed things from the Thrift Store last week & Ta da!

 Once I get this hung on the door I will wow all of you with another photo. (I usually do not start the Yule decorating until after the 1st of December) Gotta keep this in a safe place until then because my other cat, D'Artagnon has already been trying to eat the feathers. So there you have it kiddies, My "Trashy Holiday Wreath"! 

I know I will be chasing punched out cardboard holes around my office for the next month or so. Oh well!

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Wickedly Crafty Saturdays.

Wickedly Crafty Saturdays -after the bird edition.  
I know everyone has been busy this past week with Thanksgiving & Black Friday. I myself did not step on any type of Retail Property yesterday. I do not understand the hype or why people want to get in line to go into a store & elbow each other. It reminds me of  the Roller Derby without skates & the sloping rink. And I ask you, where is the fun in that?  Anyway whilst you are tending bumps & bruises from yesterday. Take some time to relax, put your aching feet up & join in with Wickedly Crafty Saturdays.

The first Wickedly Crafty Saturdays was fun for me & would like to thank all my peeps that joined in. I learned how to make some really awesome stuff. Lets do it again people!

I had quite the experience making  Jo's  Buttermilk Pie recipe from Smile Monsters  . You can see my experience here.

(grab the "I've been featured" button Jo!)

No Etsy pages or business websites please
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No copying off of each other.

No shoving or butting in line.
Please leave comments on the sites you visit (you don't have to but its nice)
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I would like that a lot & it would make me very happy. 

Many thanks to all who "poof" in for a visit.

The Holidays & Your Pets

Just a reminder this Holiday Season. If you have cats,  be sure to keep them away from any Poinsettias you may get as a Hostess gift or one you have yourself purchased. While Poinsettias are not "toxic", the milky sap contains an unknown and non-deadly toxin. This can cause irritation to your cat's mucus membranes & excessive salivation.  Your cat should not be allowed to snarf up your bowl of Christmas Hershey Kisses either. Chocolate is not good for your cat.
If you are the parent of a rabbit you must also take care that your little hopping furry thing does not start to munch on your Christmas Tree.
If your Christmas tree has not been treated with  a fire retardant, pesticides or painted, then it should be safe to chew. The natural chemical compounds in some evergreens can cause your hopping furry's urine to turn more orange than usual. But that is not anything to worry about.

Now if one of your "children" happens to be a dog here are somethings to be careful about. We all know the sad look a dog can lay on you when he or she is begging for whatever you are cooking or eating. If your dog eats what ever hits the floor while you are cooking, take care that pooch does not snarf up any onions. Onions can cause anemia & large amounts of garlic can do the same thing. Grapes, raisins & chocolate are also a big no no for Fido. Also be sure your dog does not try to drink the water for your live tree as this can make them sick.
Now with all pets you must be careful of the Holiday decorations. Anything new demands to be investigated by your furry children. I am sure most if not all of you have heard the horror stories of pets & children eating the tinsel. Usually, one has no idea until the tinsel has already made its way through the body & is "discovered". And it is not a pleasant discovery. The eating of tinsel can cause serious damage to the intestine & could end up being fatal to your furry child.
Christmas light cords are a delicacy for your pet. And again one must be careful that these do not become chew toys. Electrical shock may occur from defective cords as well as from your pet chewing through them. So just keep an eye out for your furry kids & keep them healthy & happy throughout the Holiday Season.

I am thankful that I have a legit reason not to share my chocolate with my pet.

November 26, 2010

Had a nice Thanksgiving

Had a great day with the family. I must say the food was great! Too bad the Hubs had to work. Not many pictures but wanted to share the fine china & good linen with you. I use these whenever I can. These can always be a family tradition!

Hope you had a great Gobble Day!

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Flittering on Friday


Snowman Family

Ok I did a take off of the Snowman Family Diorama found at Childmade. I wanted to use things I had on hand.
My son's family is getting bigger & I was making salt dough ornaments but with five people in the family the ornament would need its own tree to hang on cause salt dough can be heavy sometimes. So instead of a frame I used an empty case that once housed Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Just like this one. I got a pair of white stretch gloves for a $1.00 from Joanne's Fabrics & cut the fingers off of one of the gloves.

I had some snow type paper that I used for the background.

Because the candy box is clear I glued a piece of cardboard to my "back" section to keep my snowflake paper from being see through.

I glued the paper to the cardboard & cut some white felt for some base snow. You need two pieces of this . One for behind your glove fingers & one for in front of them. I also cut out a Yule Tree out of green felt & glued this on top of my first layer of white felt landscaping. Then I placed my glove fingers & started decorating them as my snowman family.

You want to adjust the height of your snow family according to the ages of the real life family you are basing it on.

Once you get your snow family decorated how you want them be sure to make sure your mat is cut so show the entire family & glue your family in place. Glue the second white felt landscape piece on top of your snow family & start decorating your background tree.

My printer is still out of in so I had to write the names & the last name header by hand. But hey it's handmade right?

No, I did not use white out on the last name.  Just edited it in paint. Not that I don't trust you all it just seemed like the right thing to do. So please don't take offense cause you know you all are my Peeps!

I had to do a little propping up with some white felt around the the upper edges to keep the mat even. I just glued some felt in half & then glued it to the paper under where the mat would rest. Pop the top on it. Seal it with some hot glue & here we have it!

My son's family transformed into a snow family!

Of course kids being kids, my son still wants a salt dough ornament for his tree. (sigh) Kids!

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