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April 27, 2013

Getting Ready for the Walk MS walk!

Howdy-hi Blogland! Hope all is wickedly awesome with all of you. We had our raffles yesterday at Tobacco World. I must say the zeal in which the people of Uniontown showed had me floored! The drawings began at noon. Then winners were notified. Within an hour, 4 of the the 12 prize packages were already picked up by the winners. By the end of the day only 2 of the 12 were left at the store. The dear lady that won first prize in the 11 Chances to Win raffle, couldn't get a ride to the store until today, otherwise, she would have picked up her prize package too. It was so wonderful to see the people's faces as they claimed prizes such as:

12 Free Tanning Sessions
Free 9 holes of golf for 4 along with golf cart usage
Numerous dining gift certificates (heaps of these!)
Gift certificates for local Florist Shops
Free Video rentals
Donuts & bagels

it goes on!

Here is a photo of my fellow Walk MS walker June & myself with the loot raised.

June looks cool sporting her shades. She is ready to walk tomorrow morning!

Wickedly happy weekend to all out there in Blogland.

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April 22, 2013

Walk MS

Mornin' Blogland! Today I want to talk about something that struck home in my family last November. My 30 yr old son-in-law, Randy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Here is Randy with his wife, my youngest child, Tracy.

This is their 5 yr old son Carson. He will now be an only child.

At my job, we have an ex-employee, Jim, who has MS. From him I found out about the Walk MS fundraiser here in PA. I decided to walk with Jim. Then another employee from Tobacco World decided to walk also. The plan was hatched to raise funds.

To start with, I put together a raffle to win a basket full of Avon products ( I sell Avon myself, so I had the supplies on hand)

Behind the basket you see a wall covered with paper. All of those look like these:

For anyone making a donation, no matter how small, their name was put on a quarter sheet sized paper with the shoes on it & it was posted up in the store.

This is just a small sample of what is hanging up in our store. Also, we do not have a color printer at work, so all of the shoes were hand colored by our staff!

Next we decided on adding a second raffle. June, who is walking with me busted her tail getting local businesses to donate. ( I have a slightly embarrassing video of June that I threatened to post to Facebook that got her motivated.....yes, I am devious like that. Surprised? Didn't think so!)

This second raffle has 11 different chances to win with 1 ticket!

So far we have raised over $1,500.00. I am so proud of my staff. Here are a few that have been pimping the raffle tickets.

June is seated in front of the small tray table they set up for selling the tickets. The drawing is to be held next Friday, April 26th. Our walk is on Sunday the 28th. My son-in-law & daughter walked in the Walk MS walk in their area just yesterday.

This photo shows their team. My grandson Carson & great niece Abigail are in front holding the sign.

Wish us luck as we finish up our last week of fundraising before our walk!

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April 21, 2013

Morning to you Blogland friends! I know I was away & now I am back asking for favors like I never left.
My Cat friends over at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary need your help. With just a week left in a contest to help them get a $10,00.00 donation to help with upkeep & such, my friends are in 2nd place. We need them to get to 1st to win the donation.

Please click on the link to vote. For shelter name, all you have to do is type in: Blind Cat. They are located in N.C. You can vote once from your computer, & then your phone, & from an ipad or laptop. Vote twice a day. Once in the morning & then again in the evening. Help the Kittehs please! You will be wickedly awesome if you do!

Above is their link on Facebook. Visit the Kittehs. They even have live upstream video so you can see the cats at play!

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Hey Blogland! Remember me? Yes, it has been way too long since I have visited my cyber OZ, & connected with all of my wickedly awesome Blogland friends. My Broom is tapping me on my shoulder because he wants me to say that he has missed all of you too! I have let life get in the way of my blogging passion. I just wanted to take some time to share with all of you some windows I painted for my job. Here we go!

July 4th windows

Summer Fun windows

Halloween windows

Thanksgiving windows

Little close up action here. I had turkeys hiding from the farmer.

I even painted the windows had the Senior Care Home my husband works at.

Christmas windows

These below are the windows at my house. We bought a house! So very much has happened since last I visited Blogland.

Here is my cat Ramses trying to catch a snowflake as I painted it!

Full shot of the window we put our tree up in front of!

I promise to poof back i more often. I have been the Manager of the tobacco store I started working at a month after moving to PA. just over two years ago. I have been in that gig for over a year now. I love it but it does take up the time I was hoping to spend doing crafting & visiting craft fairs. Oh well, such is life. Hugs to all of you!

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