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May 31, 2014

New Favorite Author - Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln

A wickedly wonderful Saturday to all my lovelies in Blogland.  Like any well rounded Witch, I love to read.  And I have found an Author that can catch my attention & keep me captivated!  How lucky of me is that? I had the chance to meet this wonderful lady this past Autumn when she was giving a talk on Gem Stones & their meanings & uses. I was also lucky enough to become friends with this captivating woman. She has such a positive outlook on life, I swear it leaves me jealous.  
She looks after me too. When I post on Facebook that I am either off to do some ghost hunting or a house cleansing to banish spirits or negativity, Ceane always chimes in suggesting which stones for protection I should carry with me when I go. 
She has written some books on the history of Pennsylvania  & a book of short stories called Autumn Song.

What really caught my witchy eye is her series of Sleuth Sister Mysteries! Three books all about three cousins known as the Sleuth Sisters. And of course they are all magical. Powers they inherited from their grandmother, Granny Mcdonough. Chocked full of adventure, suspense & of course, witchcraft, these books will leave you drooling for more. They did me!

Here is a bit about Ceane that is posted on Amazon in the Kindle Store where you can get these wickedly awesome books for your Kindle:

About the Author~
Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln is a native of southwestern Pennsylvania, where she taught high school French until 1985. Already engaged in commercial writing, she immediately began pursuing a career writing both fiction and history.
In the tradition of a great Irish seanchaĆ­ (storyteller), O'Hanlon-Lincoln has been called by many a "state-of-the-heart writer."
In 1987, at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute, two of her screenplays made the "top twenty-five," chosen from thousands of nationwide entries. In 1994, she optioned one of those scripts to Kevin Costner; the other screenplay she reworked and adapted, in 2014, to the first of her Sleuth Sisters Mysteries, The Witches' Time-Key, conceived years ago when Ceane first visited Ireland. As she stood on the sacred Hill of Tara, the wind whispered ancient voices- ancient secrets. O'Hanlon-Lincoln never forgot that very mystical experience.
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is the second of the Sleuth Sisters Mysteries, The Witch's Silent Scream the third in the bewitching series. Watch for the fourth exciting Sleuth Sisters adventure- Which Witch is Which?- coming soon.
Ceane has also had a poem published in Great Poems of Our Time. Winner of the Editor's Choice Award, "The Man Who Holds the Reins" appears in the fore of her Autumn Song anthology.
William Colvin, a retired Pennsylvania theatre and English teacher said of her Autumn Song: "The tales rank with those of Rod Sterling and the great O. Henry. O'Hanlon-Lincoln is a master storyteller."

I have also included the link to Amazon for her page. Just saving you some time cause I know you are gonna want to check it out! So click below to be whisked away by the Mcdonough women. 

Seriously! Look it!

Honestly my Blogland friends, Her books are a true delight & you would be cheating yourself out of some wonderful reads if you don't check them out.  

Mayhap my Broom & I will take a sweep over Blogland in the future to see who has taken my advice!

Don't forget to leave a comment. You  know I love to hear from awesome people such as yourself.
Hey, all the cool kids are doing it!

May 25, 2014

Ghost Hunting at Geyer Theater.

 Yes, my pretties, I finally did make it on that Ghost Hunt. And oh what a hunt it turned out to be! There were five of us all together. Including our Psychic, Lea Ann Driscol. I am a Sensitive so along with Lea Ann, we felt quite a few spirits in attendance with us. We started our investigation in the old apartment that was in the upstairs of the theater. This apartment has since been converted into office space for the Theater management. Right away we had activity & knew that it was gonna be one action packed investigation!

The photo below shows one curious resident ghost, in orb form sizing us up. We believe this was the spirit of a man that used to live in the apartment. The poor soul had a very bad drinking problem & died in this very space. Our Psychic was trying to collect some EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon), so we seated ourselves around a kitchen table, turned off the lights in that area & proceeded to ask questions. Our first contact with the spirit? He told Lea Ann that he wanted a drink!

 One fellow investigator, Crissy, sat nest to me at the table. Lea Ann started with the questions. I noticed a dark form circling the room. I tapped Crissy & pointed in the direction of the form. She saw it & we watched as it blocked the office sign on the door across the room from us. Slowly, as the mass moved along, the office door sign became visible again. Lea Ann spoke, "Something is circling the room".  Then I felt an ice cold hand on my right thigh! This ghost was touching me. I remained still (don't asked me how I managed to do that!) I did comment that I could feel a touch on my thigh. A little later with lights back on in  the apartment, I took this photo:

 Next we headed for the Theater balcony & Lea Ann made a comment that we were being watched to were it seemed like we were on stage ourselves. I snapped this photo & wow! There were all sorts of Spirits out to greet us in the theater.

Way too many orbs to circle in this photo! We were playing to a packed house. lol

Yup, we got lots of action from up in the balcony!

Here is an orb that decided to check me out! Lea Ann said even my groper spirit was there in the balcony. Hmmmm....could this be him?

I took a snapped a photo before going to sit up in this section of the balcony by myself. It seems I was not alone up there!

I caught a lone orb on stage. Maybe a spirit was reliving some past glory.

The theater was under going some renovations. This, we believe helped stir up some of the ghost activity the staff was experiencing in the theater.
In the shot below, Lea Ann found a box of donuts some workman had left behind. She jokingly lifted the lid & told the spirits that there were donuts if any were hungry for a snack.

 This next shot shows that at least a few were curious about the goodies left behind!

I snapped a quick shot of the orchestra pit & caught some of the hungry orbs gathering.

I turned around & snapped off a shot into the balcony from down below.

Next we went into the backstage area & went down into the basement were there are stories told about a murder that happened down there. 

Yes. I will admit that crawling down to this little space left me creeped out just a bit!

We had company straight away down there.

It was wild how you had to crawl down the few steps but once in the basement, you could stand up in some areas.

The workmen seemed to have made this their junk area while getting things done.

A spirit communicated with Lea Ann & told her that a gun was hidden down in this area. One of our crew went over to where Lea Ann was told it was. We didn't find anything but our guy had guides to find the area they were talking about!

Looks like he was pretty close back there.

We were not alone down in the basement for long.

Next we headed behind the curtain from onstage & checked out things back there.  Our theater guides stuck with us there too.

Before ending our investigation & heading out of the theater, we thanked our new friends for letting us snoop around their theater & for hanging out with us. I think they were happy to be recognized & not forgotten. 
We promised  we would come back another day & visit with them again. 

I look forward to going back to the Geyer & spending some more time there with the plethora of spirits that called the theater their home & where they shared the spot light, back in the day.

Have you ever gone on a haunting investigation? 
If so, I would love to hear about it!  

The entire world is full of places that are loaded with history & those who are still around just waiting to tell us about it!

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May 24, 2014

Yes, I am still here

Hey Blogland, I am still here. I just realized that I have not posted a thing since the end of September last year! Wow, time does fly, even if you aren't having fun the whole time. Now I understand why my Broom has been so pissed at me lately. This Witch has not taken too much time out for fun. I'm not saying I lead a boring life, it's just been mega busy. Not a great excuse, I know. I'd hang my head in shame but then all I would see is the keyboard. 

My last post had me preparing for a Ghost Hunt. That particular time it was called off due to somebody being ill. We did finally do the hunt & oh what a wickedly awesome time it was! We made contact with a few spirits from the theater & your truly captured lots of orbs in the photos I took. 

More to come on that soon & my exciting time in Salem during Samhain (Halloween) with the Hubs!

Once again, I have missed you all. 
Witchy kisses & hugs to everyone in Blogland from my Broom & me!