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August 17, 2014

My Most Viewed Blog Post of All Time

Morning Blogland! 

I am not sure why I haven't posted on this sooner. Maybe I was waiting for the hype to fade, not really sure. But my all time viewed blog post is the post I did
 about the Faux Wood Boards I made for Halloween back on October 15, 2011.

I am amazed that this link get hits on it daily. Every day since I posted this, there is a number of people checking out this post! I am blown away by this. 

A little while ago, this post had 47 hits for the day.

Bringing the all time total views to 18,142! 
All those views & only six comments on the post for it's entire time out in cyber space!
Most of the views come from Pinterest. The funny thing about that to me is I am not even on Pinterest.
If by chance you are one of the rare few that have not viewed this post ever, I am including the link right here:
For those of you who have viewed this, my thanks to you many times over! It's nice to know that my blog gets visited on a daily basis even if it is my those who don't want to admit they poofed on into a blog post done by a Wiccan! 
Not a problem. We can keep it our little secret!
My Broom says "hi" to all of you by the way.

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August 10, 2014

Diaper Bumble Bee

 Wickedly awesome morning to all of Blogland!

Today I want to show you my Diaper Bumble Bee that I made for a Bumble Bee themed baby shower recently. 

I based it on a youtube video on how to make a diaper owl.

Revamped it to suit my needs for the occasion. 

Here is the link, cause I won't bore you with how I made it.
(plus mine was chocked full of what some consider impolite wording)

After going through a rough time making the watermelon cradle for the same shower, I was ready to toss in the towel so to speak. I had the day before to make the shower cake (maybe I will post that later), the watermelon cradle & prepare for a visit from my youngest daughter & her family. Needless to say, there was some stress involved in that weekend. My daughter arrived at my house after a 4 hour drive maybe ten minutes after I left for the baby shower.
 I had the weekend plus Monday & Tuesday off from work & yes, I could have used a vacation after that!

I searched high & low for a yellow onesie that was not for a baby girl, since the mom to be is having a boy.

No such luck.

I ended up getting a hooded duck bath towel by Carter's. I wrapped it around the body of my Bee & hid it around the back with the duck face facing inward so it could not to be seen. I added black ribbon strips on the body as well. also black pipe cleaner antennas. 

He was a big hit at the shower. Almost didn't make him because of time issues but I am so glad I made myself go ahead with it.

Love the big black flower eyes I found a Michael's on clearance! They had clips on the back so I just clipped them to the diaper eyes I had formed. They fit magically!
Big giant rubber bands also helped in this creation. One has to give credit where credit is due you know! 

Diaper wings really set it off too in my eyes.

Hope this gives you inspiration to try & create something magical & different.  Don't say you can't until you try.

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August 9, 2014

When MS Strikes

Hey Blogland.

Getting on the serious side of things for a bit.

Multiple Sclerosis is a serious but much understood condition that can strike anyone at anytime if it is in your DNA just waiting to rear it's nasty head. 

In 2012, my son-in-law, Randy Patrick Jr.  first noticed some strange things going on with his body.  After many tests he was diagnosed with MS in October of the same year. He is a brave man that is not about to let MS win if he can help it.  Here is his story.

(This is Randy at the 2014 MS Bike Challenge)
(Yes, he has kept his sense of humor)

I woke up on July 1st, 2012 with numbness around my tailbone area that spread throughout my stomach after a few hours or so. I could tell if something was touching me, but it just didn’t feel normal. This was a Sunday so my doctor’s office was closed.  I spoke to the on-call physician and was directed to the emergency room. I went through many questions and disclosed my normal activities. My blood work came back fine so they decided to do an MRI of my spine, which too came back fine. Hours later I was released and told to call my family doctor the next day.
The next day I woke up and the numbness had spread up to my chest and down through my legs. My feet were also very tingly. Back to the ER I went! I had another MRI (this time with contrast) of my spine and lumbar spine. That too showed nothing. They did more blood work, which still looked okay. I was released again and was told to make an appointment with a neurologist for the next day. My neurologist basically told me I must have injured myself from falling playing ice hockey. When I asked about the numbness all over, I was told I was fine and that it was all anxiety and it was all in my head! He did put me on oral steroids, just in case.
A few days later I started getting tingling in my fingertips, which prompted an MRI of my cervical spine (neck). This showed a lesion, which led to an MRI of the brain. This too showed a lesion. My neurologist all of a sudden went from “It’s all in your head” to “It’s MS; here pick a medicine,” and handed me pamphlets onDMDs. Every question I asked about other alternatives were immediately shot down. Could it be Lyme disease? “NO! Pick a med ASAP.”
Talk about a roller coaster ride of emotions! I didn’t know what to think. I’m going to be in a wheelchair — or worse! How am I going to take care of my five-year-old son? I was pretty bummed out. My lumbar puncture even came back perfectly normal, so all they had were two lesions from the MRIs.
Then I started doing my own research and found online forums. Talking to others affected by the disease helped me the most. I realized MS isn’t a death sentence and it’s manageable. There are options to help slow this thing down. We can fight this thing! I switched to a neurologist who specializes in MS and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He was able to sit down with me and explain why he too thought it was MS and explained each treatment option with me. I started on the oral pill Gilenya in February and have not had any side effects at all. All of my numbness has pretty much gone away. My hands still feel a little funny sometimes, but other than that I feel great. I’m trying to stay active; I play ice hockey once a week, have recently started playing racquetball, and I started jogging.
When people find out I have MS, I always hear, “I’m sorry to hear that.” I tell them “Don’t be. I’m not. I have MS for a reason, and I am fighting this thing!” As I mentioned earlier, I’ve received the most benefit from talking to others who are affected. I want to help others also. MS stops connections — connections stop MS!  This is why I started the group “Must Stop MS!” I want to build connections, spread MS awareness, help others, and fight this thing! I do not want anyone else to feel the same way I did after being diagnosed. My group can be found on facebook at www.facebook.com/MustStopMS and on twitter at@MustStopMS.
This article was written by Randy L. Patrick Jr.

Meet the Patricks. My daughter Tracy, son-in-law, Randy & my grandson Carson.

Randy has not let MS beat him down. He is a wonderful father & husband.

 He leads a very active life.

And keeps his funny side!

Randy has made me proud with how he has handled his diagnosis & his attitude to keep healthy & active as possible.

He is also the founder of a FaceBook support group for those with MS or for anyone who has a family member or someone they care about that has been diagnosed with MS.

So if any of you know someone with MS or has a family member or friend with MS. Feel free to share the above link with them. You both will be glad you did!

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Whats Cooking In The Cauldron- Fried Bread

And Good Morning Blogland! 

Today I will share with you another "Oh so tasty but not healthy" breakfast staple in my house.

My mother used to make this when I was little & it was one of my favorites.  Mom called it Fried Bread.

Here is what you do:

Start with a box biscuit mix. 

This is the store brand from Save-a-Lot. Works just as good as the named brand. Yup, this Witch saves money when she can.

Mix your biscuit mix & milk to a consistency not quit as firm as regular biscuit dough would be.

This is then added to a preheated nonstick skillet. (if you are truly still in the stone age & don't own one of those, lightly spray your skillet with cooking spray)

The heat should be medium. Not too hot or you will have a nice outside crust but uncooked inside.

Cover the skillet so the heat stays in the pan to help with an even cook for your bread.

Once you can see it starting to cook up nice on the bottom, flip it & continue cooking on the other side.

This recipe is forgiving, so if you are not so sure it is done in the middle, just cut it in half with the spatula for a peak.

It should look like the pic below when it is done.

This is thicker than a pancake but not as thick as a biscuit.

Cut it in half as pictured below & add your butter.  Put the top slice back on top to help melt the butter.

Fry your eggs in bacon grease.
(no healthy stuff here!)

Add them to the plate & let your taste buds have a field day with the delightful taste!

I made this just the other day. I will let you know that once you start talking about this breakfast yummy after you have tried it, you will want it again right away. I have not eaten yet today & this is looking rather like something I will be cooking up before the hour is up!

What have you cooked up that is unhealthy but tasty as all get out lately? Don't be afraid to admit that you eat unhealthy in this day & age of Health Food Fanatics. 

Be brave & shout "I eat unhealthy & I am not ashamed"!

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