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April 12, 2015

MISTS OVER APPOMATTOX & Happy Birthday to the author Ceane O'Hanlon Lincoln!

Hello Blogland!  Yes, I know I have been missing in action once again. Some things one can't seem to avoid. Like having acute bronchitis & sinusitis for over two months. Then I had my Family Reunion over Easter weekend. Busy me but that's not why I have "poofed" my way back to the interwebz today. I am here to wish a dear friend a most wickedly awesome Birthday & to announce the release of another wonderful Audio-book by the Birthday Lady.

Mists Over Appomattox 

 You can contact her on her Facebook page to order this. I have included the link below. 

This Audio-book is a must have for anyone. The history buffs you know will thank you for a gift such as this. Students will be sure to get magickally good grades when listening to this while studying the history of our great nation in school.

Mists over Appomattox was produced by Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh just as her first Audio-book, A Sentimental Journey was.

Ceane has been referred to as a "State of the Heart" writer. Hear the story of the surrender at Appomattox that ended a war that nearly tore our nation apart in our early history. That happened 150 years ago this month! 

This rag doll was the silent witness to the surrender parley that took place in the home of the McLean family. She also comes to life in Ceane's Sleuth Sisters Mysteries! 

I highly recommend every book this talented Lady has written.

I devoured the fourth book of her Sleuth Sisters Mysteries in no time. Her writing is that hard to put down & walk away from!

I just love this photo of Ceane & her dear friend Shirley Jones.  Both Pennsylvania natives are such talented ladies indeed.

Here is the link below to Ceane's Amazon page with most of her works on it. You owe it to yourself to get her books to read. From fiction to historical collections, I promise you will thank yourself for this.

A note to my friend:

Ceane, I hope you have the happiest birthday to date.  You are a wonderful, caring person with the most extraordinary aura I have ever seen. I have been greatly blessed by having your friendship. I look forward to many more years of this amazing friendship. Our discussions on your books & giving you my take on things has been quite enjoyable & eye opening for me. Love & hugs to you my cherished friend. Oh & hurry up with the fifth book in your Sleuth Sisters Mysteries please! I can't wait to discuss things with you as you write & to read the finished product.

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