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September 29, 2013

Preparing for a Ghost Hunt!

Morning Blogland. Yes, I am prepping for a Ghost Hunt this coming Saturday, October 5th. I was lucky enough to be asked to join a local paranormal group that has been around for many years! I can tell you that I am one excited Witch here.

We will be investigating a 100+ year old theater in Westmoreland County here in PA. I have a wickedly busy week ahead of me at work of course while trying to prepare for the ghostly investigation. It has been a while since I have gone searching for ghosties.  The last time really doesn't count in my book since it was a tour but I caught some fab photos of orbs when I took my oldest grandson to Nemacolin Castle two years back.

The photo below was just one of the shots with orbs in them that I was lucky enough to take that night. How wicked is that orb right on the man's head? Chills & squeals of delight were heard in this witchy house when I discovered this shot after getting home.

This time there is no guided tour right after darkness falls. We will be entering the theater about 10 pm & doing our investigation until 3 or 4 am. 

I am soooooo hepped up for this! 

The theater asked us to come in & see what we can find. There have been some sightings & unexplained happenings over the years. The owners want us to find some solid (really not too solid, if you get my drift) proof that the place is haunted & if so, by about how many different spirits. The owners want to start a ghost tour themselves at the theater, based on our findings. 

I have yet to tell my Broom that he cannot go with me on this. There will be a major bristle fit on his part when I do. I know he will torture me for it in his own way for a long time to come. I am so glad we have a lock on our basement door cause my Broom will more than likely be banished to the basement for a time at night so I can sleep after this. For those of you who don't know of my Broom & how temperamental he can be, well, lets say I am in for a very trying time over this from him.

Wish me luck kiddies! Hopefully I will come back with loads of photos & maybe some E.V.P recordings.

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September 21, 2013

Gripe Time

Hey Blogland. Yes, I have been away yet again. Blogger has been giving me trouble lately. Haven't been able to get to my new post screen until today. Every so often I am able to look at the blogs I follow list. Most time Blogger tells me I am not following any blogs.

Yup for the first time in months I am able to create a post & I have a rant instead of the gazillion things I wanted to post about. 

I have a question to put to you. Why are all the blogs (ok not all but a freakin' hell of a lot) nothing but commercials anymore? I get on my list & I see"save on this", "save on that". If I wanted ads I would buy the Sunday paper. I want to see "how to redo a hopeless something or other" & I see this instead:

I'm wanting to see how to create Monster Dolls from Funky Flea Market barbies & I see this:

Or looking for a wickedly awesome way to entertain for Halloween I get this in my face:

Really Blogland? Is this what we have come to? A bunch of blogs telling you which store has the cheapest price on diapers? And most times that store is not even in your area?

I want to see revamped kitchens & bathrooms. Instead I get "Follow me & you can see how I feel about Nutella". 

When I finally finished yawning, I got pissed. I know most you out there have a creative streak in you or you wouldn't have started a blog in the first place.

Can we save our cyber space blogging? I hope so. Show me your crochet Cabbage Patch Doll Hat, your wall art for the kid's room, your Flea Market wicker trash can you turned into a lamp. Just please, please don't let me see so much of this:

Ok, I feel better now. Have I saved Blogland from becoming those annoying flyers that get stuffed into your mailbox once a week? (sigh) Probably not. It would be nice though. 

Hoping to get back to regular postings & time with my Broom flying around a commercial free Blogland.  I do miss my wickedly awesome Kiddies that my Broom & I pop in on. Everyone take care & stay cool & casual as always!

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June 7, 2013

I Survived My 50th Birthday!

Morning Blogland! Yesterday, yours truly turned 50. There, I said it! Whew. Liberating actually. The hubs thought I should be depressed about it. But hey, you can't stop it unless you opt for the mega dirt nap & that was not on my agenda!

I went to work as it was a work day. My wickedly awesome crew surprised me with cake, pizza & gifts!

They had told the bakery to put Happy 50th Birthday Beth but the bakery omitted the 50th part. No biggie to  me. I got some really sweet gifts.

Aren't these some cool kicks?

Skull shirt! 

I got some really neat bling for my phone. The dangly  skull & also an owl.

I also received two skull bracelets & a skull necklace. That crew of mine knows me so well!

After work the Hubs took me out to dinner to celebrate further.

Of course he offered up a toast to me.

The Hubs & me:

The main course:

That lobster was so tasty! Looking at this photo makes me want to go back for another one. Mouth is watering big time!

After dinner the Hubs told me we had a stop to make. It was to my son's house were this was waiting for me:

They love me right? Right? Uh maybe? lol

Everyone had some cake.

Grandson Bradley

Grandson Ryan

Granddaughter Jessica

Jessica was explaining that Grandpa was cutting the cake & then Grandpa has to chime in with his words of not so wisdom about cutting the cake. He is a guy. That is the only way to explain it!

Jessica is watching herself on the camera thanks to the reverse flip thing.

Then to top it off, I got some more gifts!

The paper underneath is an Amazon gift card so I can get the latest Dean Koontz book for my Kindle. Pretty sweet. Plus the Hubs got me gift cards to two of my favorite stores! 

All in all it turned out to be a wickedly awesome birthday.

Today I am getting ready to make the 4 hour drive to Maryland for my oldest daughter's baby shower on Saturday. She is due the end of July & is giving me my second granddaughter. Yay for me!

My youngest daughter has arranged for me to have a massage once I get into Maryland.

Can't wait to get back & share baby shower pics with all of you.

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June 4, 2013

Teaz Tanning

Okay Blogland, yesterday I posted about Neptune getting his makeover. I am in need of one myself. Being used to the wickedly wonderful Florida sunshine, my complexion has since paled from a lovely golden brown to what I consider "Corpse Beige". So not acceptable!

Needless to say, (but saying it anyway) I was surprised to learn that a place with only 10,000 residents had a tanning salon of such greatness as this place:

The employees there are great, always nice & greet you with a genuine smile. Plus the beds are so cool!

Look it:

& look it some more:

I posted on my personal Facebook page that I had been coffin testing. Freaked out a lot of friends & family! lol (sorry guys but my humor is twisted in that manner)

Look....Time Machine!

Ok, it is actually a stand up tanning bed. Haven't been in that one yet though.

I have been in this mac daddy of a bed:

It was a bit intimidating at first but one I was in there with the radio set to classic rock & the fan was gently blowing, I felt as if I were back on the Gulf Coast beaches.

Plenty of parking:

The decor is cool

The place is so big I once walked almost two blocks to the tanning bed I was assigned!

Alright, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. Just look at the length of the hallway though!
I know they have at least 18 beds if not more.
( I was in room 18 the other day)

They even offer Mystic Tan:

Of course you know I love the way that sounds!

The place is layed out really cute. I love the look of the front counter:

Makes this Witch cackle with glee!

They sell T-Shirts & bathing suits, odds & end trinkets plus a plethora of lotions.
The tanning packages are wickedly reasonable & they are always having promotions going on. My birthday is this coming Thursday & I saw that if you go in to tan on your birthday, you tan for free that time! That deal just screams me.

The place is so clean & again I will mention the staff is always so nice. I guess that is why they have been in business for 25 years here in Uniontown. Maybe there is hope for the frozen tundra after all! 

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June 3, 2013

Monday Morning With My Broom

Happy Monday Blogland! (if there is such a thing) My Broom has not been out for a while & he gets a bit antsy when he is cooped up. I was up early this morning with my allergies clogging up my sinuses. I decided that allergy meds, coffee & a flyover Blogland were in order. Much to my Broom's delight!

As usual, my Broom & me had a blast! Loved visiting everyone. If we missed your place it's because I gotta get ready for work. We will stop by though!

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Neptune Gets A Makeover!

Whats up Blogland? I am here today to share a little makeover for my Neptune statue. We still have not found his trident since the move from Florida. If I do not find it soon, I will either make him a new one or he will hold a festive seasonal flag! I would so hate to degrade him in that manner though. 

Neptune started out looking pretty rough. I have been promising him a makeover for sometime now & he has been so very patient about it.

Here is the poor guy off to the left of the photo. He kinda blends into the surrounding scenery. Poor Neptune.

Here is again looking & I am sure feeling Blah.

 I am almost embarrassed for him. So faded & chipped & missing his trident.

So, a can of spray paint later, Neptune is feeling more confident about himself ( as he should being God of the Sea & all)

Ta daaa!

Here he is looking absolutely stunning!

You can tell by the look on his face that he is loving the new macho image. Work it Neptune! Almost time for him to make the trip back to the front yard.

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June 2, 2013

Hostile Hostas

Hey Blogland! Me again, poofing in for a bit to show you how the hubs & me tamed some hostile Hostas. When we bought this house it came with a ramp that was bordered with Hostas. I was so happy to see plant  life on a property that was overrun with rocks.

Here is a shot of the leafy lovelies before they tried to take over the sidewalk again this year.

In this photo you can see where they have grown out to cover part of the sidewalk in years past. They really needed to be tamed & thinned out before doing themselves some damage. (& before the root systems on these guys started to lodge themselves under the sidewalk & become impossible to work with)

A short time later, they looked like this:

The clean part of the sidewalk is no longer visible & the walk area has greatly diminished. These suckers were becoming hostile!

See with this inside peak just how full these things were. I was like "EEEKKK!"

Here is one trying to devour my garden trowel. Sadly I cannot say that no gardening tools were harmed in this endeavor. The trowel you see in the photo is sadly no longer with us & in later actions against this attempted take over, a hacksaw also breathed its last. Such carnage & loss.

As you can see, this was going no where fast!

So the Hubs went for the heavy artillery, the shovel. I sent him bravely onto his mission of digging the Hostas up.

He started with one. Skillfully separating them by the roots & big solid clumpy base thingy. 
He ended up with more than this:

Ahhh! Look at all of those & there were still 5 more full Hostas in the ground!

Not to worry Blogland friends, all of the Hostas were either used on our property or adopted out.

Sneak peak of the front yard where most of the river rocks were:

Please note that this is still a work in progress!

This little beauty decided to flutter over & see what was going on. Nature approves of the reclaiming of the front yard!

She hung out with us for awhile. How wickedly cool is that?

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