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May 26, 2013

Barking Good Soil Supplement

Morning Blogland! What an ordeal we have gone through here at the Wiccan Make Some Too homestead. All the river rock is finally gone & i was hoping to get some planting done but could not get all things accomplished with the threat of a frost warning hanging over our heads for last night. That's right kiddos, May 25th & we had a frost warning. It was on the Weather Channel app on my iphone too. What I did manage to get done was toss some nutritious yummies onto the now rock less soil. I went to visit the WalMartians & got a big bag of this for $5.00:

This was way cheaper than high powered fertilizers that could have harmed my new young plants I purchased at Home Depot last week.

It is so easy to use. Just open & spread on areas you want fortified.

I grabbed a big plastic cup & scooped & tossed the dry dog food onto the dirt. I was lucky that it was starting to rain as I did this, so I let Mom Nature give the crunchy stuff a good soaking right there on top before mixing it in the dirt a bit. Don't fret if after the rain your area looks like you are waiting for Alfred Hitchcock to do his cameo appearance. Birds of all types swooped down for a morsel or two. There was plenty to go around & still loads in my dirt after.

Whats a little offering to her creatures to thank Momma N. for the rain & all things natural?
(well, except frost right now)

When the planting starts, I have some left over that I will add a couple more pieces to each hole before placing the plants. I could not begin to tell you where I first learned of this, but I have been doing this for a long time before planting anything.

Say "Bye" to the last of the river rock leaving our property!

This is Smitty. He is my hero & the man who has taken our river rock home to live with him!
All Hail Smitty!

Smitty is a touch shy. But that is ok. We all love a humble hero!

I was wearing long sleeves working out in the yard yesterday so I went here first:

I am so used to having some color on my skin having lived in Florida for years that I am having a very hard time adjusting to the Frozen Tundra. Hell, my foundation color for make-up is Corpse Beige now!

Wish me luck that this will be the last frost/freeze warning for this area for now. Bring on Spring please!

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May 24, 2013

Friday, My Broom & Blogland

Hey Blogland! Since I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I gave into my Broom's begging to go for a fly over Blogland today & visit with some friends. We had a great time. He actually let me sleep until the alarm went off! Hmmmm, or it could be cause that was right about when the rain stopped too!
We went back in time again today too!


friday link party

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May 22, 2013

Gilded Planters

Hey Blogland! Here I am again posting about my soon (not soon enough) to be front yard. The rocks are just about all gone. Our new friend showed up Monday with his truck again. All that is left is a small pile off to the side under some ivy vines. They were hiding there. (tisk) He is supposed to come back again today for the small remaining amount. I swear though once they start pulling out rock, the rock regenerates itself & suddenly there is more! I have nothing against all things magical, as you well know. Just, not magically regenerating rocks in my yard please!

A while back I purchased some Odessa Calla Lily bulbs & have been eager to place them in soil so the suckers can start growing. The end result will look like this:

These are just wickedly awesome in my book.

The other day, I showed you all some spray paint I purchased during my expensive trip to Home Depot. Don't get me wrong, I got some great deals. But taking the Hubs with me was a bad idea cost wise. lol  Anyway, paint:

Old funky planters the Hubs was gonna throw away:

He is no longer allowed to decide what is trash & what is not. I mean really, with me living with him all these years, he did not think I could give these nasty planters new life? Geez. 

The first can I opened:

Luckily, spray nozzles are inter changeable.
Then the Hubs had no idea were he hid the rubber gloves during the move so my finger ended up looking like I had the Midas Touch!

I still have paint under that sucker.

Ok, back to project save the planters. I sprayed them. First upside down.

Then right side up to get the upper edges.

The Hubs must have somehow had his mind erased cause he also forgot that I photograph everything!  Before I had a chance to pull my cell phone from my pocket, he filled in the soil, over the small rocks I placed in the bottom of the planters for drainage. Was going to use plastic half gallon milk jugs but lo & behold, he forgot I was saving them too & threw them away. Ugh! 

Those are some of the smaller rocks we saved (& that didn't get discarded). I added some of those to the bottoms of the planters before adding gardening soil.

Added these & watered them well.

I am so eager for these bad boys to pop up. So glad I didn't start them sooner cause last week we have temps below freezing. A lot of people I know had to start all over with the plants they had started. Momma Nature can be fickle like that.

Here we are. Calla Lilies planted. These will go in the front once it is ready for placement.

The Hubs has started tilling the clay like soil to get it ready for mixing with the 800 lbs of top soil I purchased.  I sent him back to the store yesterday for another 400 lbs to add to the original 400 lbs I got on Sunday. 

There stands Neptune in the front. Why the Hubs placed him there before he gets his make over is beyond me. Also you can see the hideous gas meter that needs hidden. What a project this has turned out to be but a project that will be so well worth it in the end. 

I leave you with a pic of my boy Ramses asleep in his poppa's recliner. The Hubs is like the Minnie Pearl of recliners. He refuses to remove the tag from the chair I bought him last year to celebrate our buying the house.

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May 20, 2013

It's a Slow & Painful Demise

Howdy Hi Blogland. The sage of the Rock Garden continues. Yes the nice man showed up on Saturday with his truck to take all of the rock in one trip(or so he thought)

He even brought his grandson to help load all of the rock.

I took this photo through the living room window. I was in full blown frump mode after my early morning fly around Blogland with my Broom & I was staying in full blown frump mode. Nope, I wasn't changing for anybody!

The Hubs helped load the rock too. He knows how bad I want it gone!

Not so long story even shorter, there was still a bunch of rock left over. The rock's new owner is 70 yrs old. May the Powers That Be bless him! He told the Hubs that he would be back on Monday to get the rest. Yes, with this man's truck, seeing what he hauled out of here Saturday, he can get the rest in one more trip.
My fingers are crossed (so are my toes & eyes) that the weather holds out & he returns to take all the rock away. Never to be seen again.

See, the Hubs got drafted into a Home Depot trip with me yesterday.

They had a wickedly awesome sale on some stuff I wanted.  

I got ten 40lb. bags of top soil for $1.19 each. 

Got 2 cans of this for an up coming project:

Should have gotten at least 3 cans but hey, I will just have to make another trip. No biggie.

Got a flat of Coleus:

Got 3 purple Rhododendron plants for $4.00 each, plus tomato plants, a strawberry plant, cucumbers, green peppers & some other pretty plantables for the front. No, the veggies will not be in the front. They will have their own spot in the back yard.

Look it!


Right now the plants are handing out in the garage with some things that are waiting to be put out for a Yard Sale next weekend, again, weather permitting.

Here is a shot of what our funky front looks like from the sidewalk:

The yard on the other side of the steps looks a lot better.

This too will get some work done, but is not top priority as of now.

Wish me luck today that I come home to find the rock gone & the Hubs has tilled up the ground. 
The dirt that was under the rocks in the side yard looks none too pleasant for pretty growing things just yet. If the Hubs is smart, he will work his butt off today.

Gotta get our little spot of Momma Earth looking wickedly spiffy.

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May 19, 2013

Introducing The Next Fashion Star!

Morning Blogland! I want to share with you today the quirky style of my granddaughter, Jessica. A package arrives at my son's house. There is bubble wrap. Jessica (aka Miss Thing) does this:

 She is looking at herself in the mirror. The mirror is one of her favorite spots to hang out. Vain? No. Just likes to check herself out in the numerous outfits, hats etc. she puts on during the day.

I really think she should have added these with her bubble wrap dress:

These are her newest pair of shoes. Told you she was quirky! lol

& she doesn't care who sees it!

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May 18, 2013

My Broom & An Early Morning Trip

Morning Blogland! I was so looking forward to sleeping in today. Had a rough work day yesterday. I wasn't due in until 11am so this Witch was hanging out in front of the computer with an urn of coffee (translation: iv drip of coffee) still in my jammies when my phone rang at 8:45am. It was the manager from our sister store in Belle Vernon. Her computer system at the store had died. I rushed to get dressed, headed up to the store I manage & picked up a spare computer tower. I got the dead tower out of the way & installed the new one.  Our guy in Pittsburgh that fixes bugs in our store system had to upload the operating system. I had to generate codes for him to be able to link up with the computer there via his. Long story short, I didn't get out of the Belle Vernon store until almost 5pm. My crew took care of the orders that came in while I was gone & the banking also. My crew rocks! Ok, so I am in a peaceful slumber when my Broom decides to jump on the bed & land right on my face. Bristles up the nostrils is not a pleasant way to awaken. So, of course, out of bed I get. My Broom got his trip around Blogland this morning. I am so locking him in the basement tonight before bed!

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The Demise of a Rock Garden

Hey Blogland! I have had so much happen in my life since I was last in Blogland full force. One of the big things was that we bought a house up here in the frozen tundra. Yay house! The house is not really what we wanted. We were hoping to buy a fixer upper. You know, a handy man's dream. Instead all we saw up here were handy man's nightmares. I'm talkin' houses that even freaked this Witch out! Now that is some scary stuff then.

Ok, so we got this house.

Not a bad place for the Hubs & me. But look at that front lawn! See it? No? Cause there is no front lawn! It is all river rock. River rock in the front & more river rock on the side. Ewww! Our neighbors have told us that the previous owner's boyfriend didn't like yard work. Ya think?!?!?! So he talked her into having, get this, 10 tons of river rock put in the yard. 10 tons! talk about over kill. I've seen rivers with less rock then that!

I was in a panic over how we could get rid of the offensive rock. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against rocks. Just not in my yard. I almost painted the damned things green last summer when I attempted to remove it myself. My grandson & I spent 5 hours picking up rocks from the front, loading them in a truck bed & driving them to the back of the house & unloading. After the 5 hours we had a goodly sized pile of rocks in the back but it didn't look at all different from the front. It was like nothing at all had been removed. 

I was so upset I could have.......uh, thrown rocks!

The hubs wanted to sell the rock to a landscaping company but he never made the calls. Finally, after much debate (translation: get that rock gone or I bury you under it) the Hubs placed an add in the newspaper that said:

Free River Rock

The phone started ringing! The first caller, a woman wanted all the rock but asked the Hubs to deliver it to her..............Uh, Lady, it's free. You come get it! One man said "yes I want it all & I will come get it tomorrow". I was so happy that me & my Broom danced around the kitchen. The poor cats hate when we do that. 

This rock was like never ending!

See the small space toward the sidewalk where the rock is gone? That was 2 loads in a half ton pick-up truck. This was gonna take awhile.

Our new found friend brought a friend & started tackling the side of the house the next day.

It rained for the next 2 days & when it stopped, he showed up for more!

Most of the rock was gone from the side yard! My Broom & me danced once more, outside this time so as not to freak out the cats.

Three more pick-up loads from the front left it looking like this.

It rained again & our new friend called the Hubs & said he would be over this past Thursday to get the rest. Alas, our new friend never showed. The Hubs called him & he said that he has all he needed but would try to get his neighbor over the next day for a load. Meanwhile, the Hub's phone was still ringing about the rock. The Hub's told our newest unfriended friend that he was keeping the rest of the rock. We couldn't deal with "maybe we will get there". 

This wonderful woman called next & the Hub's said, "come & take it". She came by with her husband & they were ecstatic over the rock. Arrangements were made & hand shakes were shook. They will be here today to get the remainder of the rock. I eagerly await their arrival. I so want to show you pics of my rockless yard!

I leave you with a dose of cuteness:

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