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January 10, 2011

Funky Frame Do-over

Good morning fellow Bloglanders. Today with the help of my wonky new internet server (sometimes my sentences are all over the page now & cannot be adjusted) I bring to you my Frame Do-over. The frame & picture in it was given to us by a friend that knows I remake things like this. So here is what said funky frame & picture looked like before.

In this shot, it does not look so bad but the mat & picture had some water damage. Not too much but enough to cause a touch of mold to develop. The frame itself was nicked up here & there but I am gonna make that work for me.

Onward to the outside crafting area & some primer after I took the whole thing apart.

Then a couple coats of silver spray paint. It was really windy yesterday & man did I have fun dodging the silver paint when the wind changed direction on me. Almost had a new career as a street performer in New Orleans! But I think the silver coated statue gig is already being done. Least it was last time I was there!

Once dry it was on inside for a quick wash with black acrylic paint. Luckily there was no wind in the house & I did not have to dodge any flying paint.

Here is a not so great shot of the effect with the black wash but it turned out looking pretty cool when you are looking at it. I left the black wash on for less than 2 minutes on each section of the frame.

Once I took the whole shebang apart I realized that the mat around the picture was attached to the picture. It was all one animal so to speak. Pretty slick work there by the manufacturer. I sprayed the entire mat & picture with a light primer. Here are the before & after photos:


& after

Now here is a shot of the frame minus the mat still cause that will be another post as to what I decide to put where the "picture" part was.

 & a close up of a section of the frame

So there you have the frame part. Yea, I know pretty exciting huh? (not) The whole one thingy mat/picture threw me here so now I have to figure out what is what with that. Stay tuned to Wiccan Make Some Too for the next installment of what the heck am I gonna do with the mat/picture part. (insert cliff hanger music here)

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  1. Ha! I am really excited about this idea - I would never have figured out to spray paint over the picture attached to the mat - I would have given up and thrown the mat away. Now you have a great multi-level mat, you could put anything in there and it would be chic. Thanks for the great idea, Beth! The frame is looking cute, too.

  2. This is great! Love being able to upcycle anything.. and this looks sooo much better.. Can't wait to see what you put in it! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo!