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January 18, 2011

Grandson's Tonsil Thingy Part II

 Hello Blogland.....remember me? Still dealing with computer issues but thought I would give this post a try. As you know, my oldest grandson Ryan, had to have his tonsils removed due to them enlarging & threatening to close his airway. Thanks to all of you who emailed & posted best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. He is still a bit sore but last night actually had spaghetti & a meatball for dinner instead of pudding or jello. I wanted to share the photos my son took of his hospital visit. Here we go.

This first photo is right after they arrived at the hospital & Ryan was being prepped for surgery. He was very nervous.

In this next shot my son was trying to lighten his son's mood by joking about him wearing a "bonnet".

Here, Ryan is showing how he thinks he will look after the surgery.

The hospital staff finally showed pity for the nervous kid & gave him a shot of the "Happy Juice".

The "Happy Juice" works its magic.

Ryan loved the "Happy Juice". As my son said to him..."You like a da Juice ah"?
He laughed so hard on the "juice" he had tears running down his face. A doctor walked past with a thick dark mustache & Ryan was saying "Mario, Mario, Mario". Cause the doctor to him in his juiced up state looked like Mario from the video game Mario Brothers.
And finally a shot of his actual after surgery face.

Looks like he could take somebody out in this shot doesn't it?

So far so good with posting this. Looks like the Broom & I will be back in action poofing in & out all over Blogland in no time. Which makes me very happy cause I have missed each &every one of my Blogland Peeps!

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  1. Poor darling! Happy he's out of the woods and probably smiling again!

  2. Hi Beth
    It's been a while :)
    I am glad your grandson is feeling better! My best wishes for him!

  3. "Nurse, we need 2000 CCs of ice cream, STAT!"