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January 11, 2011

Gotta Do The Grandmama Gig

Just want to let you know Blogland that the Broom & I have to fly over to my son's house bright & early (well it won't be bright out) in the morning today cause my eldest grandson has to have his tonsils removed at 7am. He has not been having problems but apparently boy's tonsils can enlarge when they hit puberty if they have not already been taken out. My grandson Ryan is nearing that age & of his tonsilsarealready enlarged to the point that if they are not removed they could block his airway & that is not good . I did not know this could happen. My son is 32 & still has his tonsils. So please send healing thoughts or prayers or whatever you do cause positive energe is positive energy, no matter how it is sent. This is my grandson Ryan:

Please keep him in your thoughts. Thanks bunches!


  1. I found your blog on last week's Follow Me Wednesday listing. I love everything wiccan and will post several cartoons on the subject within a couple of weeks.

    ~Avalon Lion, cat with his own cat cartoon

  2. I never heard that about tonsils...but I probably would have ignored it anyway. Good luck to the little guy, and have plenty of ice cream on hand!

  3. Stopping by to say "hi" from the blog hops! Hope you have a very abundant day! Please follow me back...thanks!

    Janine Aguero

  4. Thoughts and prayers for Ryan..I know he'll do great. Nowadays, tonsillectomy's are like having your oil changed! ;) Keep us posted!