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September 29, 2011

Deadly Lion Wine

 Hey Blogland! Me again with another Halloween decoration idea! I had this bottle sitting around since I lived in Florida. (yes I packed & moved an empty bottle.....2 actually) Here it is:

The blue color of the bottle just screams "do something with me"!
So, I said, "okay".
I started off with a cob web pattern made with a white paint pen. The paint pen has been around awhile & is starting to run out of oomph so I went back over the pattern with a silver paint pen.

 Decided on the name for my "wine". Deadly Lion Wine. And proceeded to write it on the bottle & not plotting it out first. Wrote it too high up. A scrubby took that right off even though it had dried. I then paid attention to what I was doing & rewrote my label.

Next up was some Halloween Creepy Cloth.

All I did was snip off a small section of one end.

 I placed some white glue on a piece of wax paper & set a small section of my creepy cloth on top.

There it is sitting atop a glob of glue. I then smooshed it all around in the glue getting it nice & coated. Then I placed it on the bottle around my "label".

This was a bit messy & I know I used some words I dare not repeat here.  Lay the bottle down a bit on something where it will not roll over & smash the glue coated cloth.
Once I won that war, I added a smaller section to the bottom portion creating a frame if you will for my label.

I tossed a smaller section of creepy cloth over the top &  here you go!
(remember that this takes skill & dexterity folks!)

There she is. I have to decide what I will do with her match. So you know another Creepy Bottle is in the future!
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