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September 8, 2011

Wickedly Haunted Thursdays-Gettysburg, PA., Pt.3

 Hey Blogland! It's Thursday & time once again for Wickedly Haunted Thursdays! We are still in Gettysburg my pretties & we are traveling to the Daniel Lady Farm.

On July 1,1863, the Confederates claimed the Daniel Lady Farm as a staging area. It was located on two major roads & over 10,000 Confederate soldiers camped at the farm. It was also used as Field Hospital for the wounded from both Confederate & Union sides. Doctors, while trying to save the wounded from infections from their battle wounds, did numerous amputations. Unfortunately, more died from infections from the amputations than would have died from infections from their original wounds. Many soldiers laid on pallets waiting their turn for surgery had to watch & hear the surgeons performing amputations on their fellow soldiers. What a way to have to wait to be taken care of!

While some of the wounded & dying were in the farm house itself, most were in the barn shown in the above photo. It is said limbs & other various body parts were piled so high outside that they could be seen inside, resting above the four foot tall window ledges. 

Investigations done in the barn have resulted in equipment failure. Cameras stop working, voice recorders fail. This is said to be due to the batteries being drained from the equipment by the energies in the barn trying to strengthen for possible communication.

Even stranger is the fact that while one team was investigating in the month of February, parts of the barn remained extremely warm & almost humid.

One medium, a woman, entered the farm house itself & felt the presence of the spirit of a you man who had died there. The medium pointed to where the spirit told her he had laid while waiting for help from doctors for his bad stomach wound. Later in the evening, investigators went in with a black light & found blood stains exactly where the woman said they would be & in the shape that looked like a massive amount of blood had been lost while the person was resting against the wall as was "told" to the medium.

Here is a photo of blood stains on the floors that can be seen. I can only imagine the horrors & sounds that came from this farm during and after the three day battle.

Reports state that the Daniel Lady Farm is not open to visitors at this time.

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