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September 27, 2011

T.P. Roll~ Halloween Ladder

 Hey Blogland! Hope you all haven't forgotten me. I have been caught up in a bunch of things like work & travel for family events. Glad to finally give the old Broom a rest & be back in front of the computer so I can show you my latest craft idea. I will skip sharing the moment the inspiration for this hit me. I love those ladders with Santa & the elves climbing up all pell mell . So I decided to do one for my favorite holiday.....Halloween!

 I started with seven toilet paper rolls (empty & already to be trashed) & I spray painted them black. It was a bit of a challenge to spray them lightly so they did not fall over. I did quite well actually! I also sprayed inside the ends of the tubes. Here they are in my spray painting theater in the process of being finished.

 I had my painted rolls & some clothes line. I started off with some that had a bit of metal through it but it did not work to hot for me since I am not sure how many years it had been coiled (smushed in a box) in storage.  Digging around in my craft stuff I was happy to find a new package of line without the wire inside. I opted to use that instead.

 I cut my line the size I figured would work for me & pulled it through one tube & then through another. Tying the ends in a tight knot. The knotted part will not be seen cause you just pull it into the tube where it stays hidden.

Here is a shot with the rolls connected & the knot hidden.
 (bet you are glad I explained this photo to you, huh?)

I continued on with a total of seven toilet paper rolls. Here is what it looks like:

Yea it is kinda boring just yet but wait till it hooks up with these guys!

Some skeletons & spiders later, I got this:

Here it is hanging off of my creepy looking, really needs to be painted back porch. So there you are, just some empty toilet paper rolls & some skeletons you have laying around. Wait....I am probably the only one with tons of Halloween decorations still in the  package just waiting to be put to use. So if you don't have any skeletons lying around....head over to the dollar store where I am sure you will find something right about now that you can use to decorate your toilet paper roll ladder. That is unless the Christmas decorations have already taken up all the space allotted for Seasonal Decor!

Here is a zoomed in look. You can almost make out the spiders. Sorry I forgot to move the boxes my Avon order arrived in.....oops!

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  1. This is brilliant!!! I started saving TP rolls around Christmas and now have a bag full of them, this is perfect for Halloween. Thanx for sharing!

  2. Cute idea..Would love for you to share at my "Creative Halloween Party"

  3. Cool idea :) I find these Halloween ideas to be really cute. Aren't they supposed to be scary and creepy!! You did a great job by using those rolls. Clever!