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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

September 4, 2011

Me & My Broom (trying to keep his mind off of things)

 Morning Blogland! It has been utter chaos in the Wiccan Make Some Too house for the last few days. We took our cats D'Artagnon & Ramses to a local groomer for baths & flea dips & to have Ramses claws clipped. The woman asked if we wanted them to have a trim also. The Hubs replied that since they were domestic short haired cats, they did not need a hair cut. Well, I was at work so the Hubs picked the cats up from the groomer. They were bathed, dipped & traumatized. D'Artagnon  had been shaved from his belly up to his chest. One of his nipples was cut & was bleeding. She also shaved his butt! He refused to eat for an entire day. Ramses claws had not been clipped & the groomer admitted to almost losing him cause they had left the door to the basement open & he got away! My Broom is very protective of our cats & he wanted me to let him go to the groomer's & let them have it. I was tempted. I will not tell you just how tempted I was! Have any of you ever had your cat come back from the groomer with a Brazilian? Ugh....& beach time is almost over. Plus poor D'Artagnon never wears a bikini. I took my Broom out to let him work off some steam & pick his spirits up by visiting some friends.

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  1. OH your poor cats! I am a little paranoid when it comes to our pets, so we do it all ourselves! Hope the trauma doesn't last to long.

    Saw your comment on Debbiedoos and decided to stop by, check out your blog and become a follower!