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September 15, 2011

Wickedly Haunted Thursdays-Why They Stick Around

 A Wickedly Haunted Thursday to all of you out there in Blogland! Today we will explore some reasons why ghosts are around us & why they can't or won't move on....

 An article from the Paranormal Daily News fills us in on this

So, why would anyone choose to stay around rather than move on? These are some possible reasons:
1. TRAUMA: They died so suddenly or violently that they don’t know they’re dead or simply refuse to accept it.
2. LACK OF A BELIEF SYSTEM: They expected non-existence following death and have trouble coping with the fact that they’re still around and aware.
3. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Something needs to be completed; for example, an important project at work or home. An intense interest in “seeing it through” can cause a person to linger for a while on the earth plane. The desire to send a message to someone still living can also be a powerful reason to remain.
4. PROTECTION: A spirit may be trying to protect a loved one for some reason and is reluctant to move on until they’re assured of their safety.
5. LOVE: A very strong love bond between spouses, parent/child, or even friends can cause a spirit to remain.
6. HATE: A very strong hatred toward a living person or persons could be the reason why a particular spirit chooses to stay. They’re holding on to their anger, resentment, and hatred.
7. FEAR: People who have been followers of very rigid religious dogma are sometimes afraid to move on to the next stage. They fear judgment, punishment, or being sent to hell to be tortured for eternity, not realizing that their “hells” are self-created.
8. FAMILIARITY: A spirit may simply feel most comfortable in the environment of a beloved home and be reluctant to leave. They’re happiest in familiar surroundings and may stay only a few years and then choose to cross over when they’re ready.
9. CURIOSITY: Some spirits stick around simply to see what happens next – who’s going to win the election? When is that new movie coming out? What’s going to happen next with Jon & Kate? These are generally spirits who, when living, tended to be very involved with earthly activities and interests and they’re not quite ready to give them up.
10. REVENGE: A spirit may be looking to avenge their murder or betrayal. Or, they may feel “cheated,” not realizing that it was their time to die. They may be envious towards those still on the physical plane and may be looking for opportunities for revenge.

A ghost getting in on a photo

Ghost dog

 Famous ghost on stairs photo

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