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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

September 1, 2011

Wickedly Haunted Thursdays-Gettysburg, PA. Pt.2

 A wickedly good Thursday to all of you out in Blogland! Today for Wickedly Haunted Thursdays we are once again back in Gettysburg, PA. In the last installment I warned you that Gettysburg had a lot of haunted places. So you should not be too surprised to find us still stirring up the haunts there!

With the Confederate army totaling 75,000 & the Union army of 97,000 you can imagine the carnage. At the end of the 3 day battle over 50,000 soldiers from both sides were either dying or dead. Most of the soldiers were in their mid 20's or younger. That 3 day battle had more casualties than the entire Vietnam War.  Union dead were given a proper burial but the Confederate dead were left to rot on the battle fields.

Today, I take you to The Farnsworth House Inn.

Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth House Inn was built in 1810. The family that lived there during the Civil War was named Sweeney but the Inn got it's name later on in the honor of  Union Brigadier General Elton John Farnsworth who was killed in The Battle of Gettysburg. The building itself was used as a Confederate stronghold. Sharpshooters shot at Union troops through the upper windows of the house. It is said one of those shots killed the only Gettysburg civilian casualty, Mary Virginia (Jennie) Wade.

Elton John Farnsworth

Jennie Wade

epitaph on Jennie Wade's headstone

The Farnsworth House Inn now operates as a Bed & Breakfast in which five out of the nine rooms are said to be haunted. The Inn is reported to be haunted by at least fourteen ghosts.

 Some visitors report hearing eerie cat sounds such as mewing, coming from the walls. Mary, a midwife is said to haunt the house trying to care for a stillborn baby she delivered there. Often she is seen or felt trying to comfort guests that are feeling ill. In one case the person felt someone lay down on the bed next to them. 
Confederate soldiers who died there are said to be part of the haunts as well. Three or more have reported being seen in the garrets.

Also among the ghosts is a man seen carrying the body of a small boy, who is thought to be the father of the child that was apparently struck & killed right outside the house by a horse & buggy.

Even though the house has been updated for modern conveniences, the south wall still shows over one hundred bullet holes that came from the Civil War battle fought there.

South wall - Farnsworth House inn

The upper Garret room & the basement has been closed off to visitors due to some pretty eerie stuff that happened to some folks staying there.
I think this would be a great place to stay when I take my Ghost Hunter in Training ,12 yr. grandson, Ryan to Gettysburg. I will make sure to request one of the haunted rooms! He will get a kick out of that.

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