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November 3, 2018

Bearded Skull Beard Balm

Morning Interwebz!  Me again. Just wanted to share this company with you all. My broom & I have been busy traveling the interwebz highways & we came upon this place:

(not getting paid to post this. just wanted to share)

This company sells:

Beard Oil

Beard Oil hydrates the skin beneath your beard. It also softens and tames your beard. It works double-duty to help keep your beard shiny and groomed.

Beard Budder

A happy median between a balm and an oil. Giving you all the moisturizing and conditioning benefits with less hold.

Beard Balm

Simply put, Beard Balm is a leave in conditioner that moisturizes, softens and assists in the styling of your beard. When applied correctly our beard balm will keep your beard looking healthy and strong.

If your Hubby or significant other has a beard, you should consider these products. There are quite a few different scents to choose from. I can guarantee you will find one you love.

Here's a few:

Harvest Spice Budder 

Ocean Breeze Balm

 Naked Budder (unscented)

Piney Beard Balm

These are just a few of what they offer. If you travel to their Facebook page you can see more of their products.  I think the Beard accessories are Wickedly Awesome!

So if you know someone who has an established beard or someone who is just starting to sprout one, products from this place would make perfect gifts. They even have T-shirts, tumblers & soap! One stop shopping.

If you are lucky enough to be in the area, you can meet the Bearded Skull Creators here:

My broom is ready to travel to more exciting places along the interwebz highways.


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