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August 9, 2014

Whats Cooking In The Cauldron- Fried Bread

And Good Morning Blogland! 

Today I will share with you another "Oh so tasty but not healthy" breakfast staple in my house.

My mother used to make this when I was little & it was one of my favorites.  Mom called it Fried Bread.

Here is what you do:

Start with a box biscuit mix. 

This is the store brand from Save-a-Lot. Works just as good as the named brand. Yup, this Witch saves money when she can.

Mix your biscuit mix & milk to a consistency not quit as firm as regular biscuit dough would be.

This is then added to a preheated nonstick skillet. (if you are truly still in the stone age & don't own one of those, lightly spray your skillet with cooking spray)

The heat should be medium. Not too hot or you will have a nice outside crust but uncooked inside.

Cover the skillet so the heat stays in the pan to help with an even cook for your bread.

Once you can see it starting to cook up nice on the bottom, flip it & continue cooking on the other side.

This recipe is forgiving, so if you are not so sure it is done in the middle, just cut it in half with the spatula for a peak.

It should look like the pic below when it is done.

This is thicker than a pancake but not as thick as a biscuit.

Cut it in half as pictured below & add your butter.  Put the top slice back on top to help melt the butter.

Fry your eggs in bacon grease.
(no healthy stuff here!)

Add them to the plate & let your taste buds have a field day with the delightful taste!

I made this just the other day. I will let you know that once you start talking about this breakfast yummy after you have tried it, you will want it again right away. I have not eaten yet today & this is looking rather like something I will be cooking up before the hour is up!

What have you cooked up that is unhealthy but tasty as all get out lately? Don't be afraid to admit that you eat unhealthy in this day & age of Health Food Fanatics. 

Be brave & shout "I eat unhealthy & I am not ashamed"!

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