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August 17, 2014

My Most Viewed Blog Post of All Time

Morning Blogland! 

I am not sure why I haven't posted on this sooner. Maybe I was waiting for the hype to fade, not really sure. But my all time viewed blog post is the post I did
 about the Faux Wood Boards I made for Halloween back on October 15, 2011.

I am amazed that this link get hits on it daily. Every day since I posted this, there is a number of people checking out this post! I am blown away by this. 

A little while ago, this post had 47 hits for the day.

Bringing the all time total views to 18,142! 
All those views & only six comments on the post for it's entire time out in cyber space!
Most of the views come from Pinterest. The funny thing about that to me is I am not even on Pinterest.
If by chance you are one of the rare few that have not viewed this post ever, I am including the link right here:
For those of you who have viewed this, my thanks to you many times over! It's nice to know that my blog gets visited on a daily basis even if it is my those who don't want to admit they poofed on into a blog post done by a Wiccan! 
Not a problem. We can keep it our little secret!
My Broom says "hi" to all of you by the way.

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