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September 7, 2014

Wicked & Delicious Haunting Reads for Fall

Happy Morning to all my pretties in Blogland!  

Today I  received some wickedly awesome news. My good friend, the multi-talented Ceane O'Hanlon -Lincoln informed me that her fourth Sleuth Sister Mystery has gone into the proofing stage & should be out next Spring! I am stoked. I love these books & can't wait to hook up with my old friends the Sleuth Sisters!

(Here is the beautiful & talented Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln)

Truly, once you read the adventures & mysteries these wickedly awesome ladies get into, they will become your friends too. 

The way Ceane writes, you feel like you are pulled into the books & are sharing every exciting moment with Raine, Maggie & Aisling. 

These books are captivating reads anytime of the year & if you haven't read them yet, now is the time. The Sleuth Sisters will take you along on their fantastical journey in & around their hometown of Haleigh's Hamlet. 

I am so stoked about the fourth book coming out soon!

So read these three books so you too can be ready when the fourth Sleuth Sisters Mystery comes into print on Amazon.

Another must read by this amazing woman is her book Autumn Song.

Autumn Song is a book of wonderful short stories set in historical settings that are just as captivating as their author! 

A definite must read before or after finishing the Sleuth Sister's books. So get ready my pretties to curl up & be mesmerized by these wickedly awesome books. I promise you will be so taken with these writings that you will feel empowered by magic yourself!

Okay, so reading these books won't make the housework do itself. But they will sure make you forget about it. It worked for me!

What better time of the year to start your friendship with Raine, Maggie & Aisling. Samhain or Halloween as it is better known is not that far away. These are just the thing the "Witch Doctor" ordered to get you into the mood & make you feel just as magical as the season.

So poof on over to Amazon & get your copies. All four are available in Kindle Edition & Paperback. 

Click on the link below, grab a cup of hot tea & enjoy the adventure!

Warning: You will want to read these cover to cover before doing anything else. I know. I did that. And i promise you that when the fourth book is published, I will do the same thing.

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