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April 27, 2011

Finishing Crate #1

Hey my Blogland buddies! I managed to get Crate #1 finished & it is drying in the basement as I type this.  The white coat from yesterday was of course dry when I started on it this morning. 

Here it is as it was waiting for me this morning. I got my paint sample from the Facebook  Valspar paint sample giveaway.

The color is Sumptuous Purple. You know I had to opt for the purple type samples. That is my color. This came in the mail the day I arrived in Uniontown with $.05 postage due on it. I have since received yet another $5.00 coupon from the folks at Valspar to cover the oops they made on the postage. Not expected, but most welcome.
I went on to mix a bit of the paint with a little water to make a wash.

 My first application was a bit too light for me so I reapplied the wash.

 Did sections at a time & let it sit for a bit before wiping it off. My cat Ramses walked across the top when I had my back turned. Did not get a shot of that cause I was too busy trying to correct the damage & remove the paw prints. Maybe I should have left them there like foot prints in concrete. Oh well, wasn't thinking too clearly as I yelled at the cat to remove himself from my project. I knew it would have been better to paint this bad boy outside but it was starting to rain (again) so inside painting was the call of the day.

 The hubs came home from returning a microwave he got last week. The darned thing heated up more than I do having a hot flash. Never in my life have I ever seen a microwave get so hot on the outside after running for 60 seconds that you could not put your hand on the top of it. It had to go back. Sorry, lost my train of thought. The hubs comes into the basement & says "Eww...I don't like the color". Apparently, he has forgotten that he needs to like or agree with everything I say or do for like the next twenty years. I shooed him away & finished up. Here it is drying.

My lighting for this picture is off now thanks to the Hubs deciding to hang clothes in the basement & disrupting my light. He is so pushing it right now. Maybe tonight I will turn him into a toad!

I will have more photos once this sucker is dry & in it's place at the foot of the bed. It will no doubt have cats on it then.

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  1. Ramses, eh? A royal name for the little no- gooder! :D I like your new crate, paws or no paws (and I reckon I would have left them as eternal proof of feline overlordship ^^) A toad is a good idea, I love toads!

  2. You are cracking me up so much. I say turn him into the toad. Make him sweat a little, if toads sweat. then turn him back. He will be better at agreeing with you next time! the chest is looking spiffy! I have been reading all your posts but for the past few days, every time I try to comment, my computer crashes. Hmmm, witchcraft? Anywho, you have been having adventures, and I'm loving your posts! (Wow, no crash.)

  3. Love the look of it and I love the color. Oh and crazy husbands they should know to just agree right. I love your solution!
    P.S. thanks for linking up to my challenge.