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April 21, 2011

Gotta Start Someplace

 Hey Blogland! As you all know I am now in this uhm...thing....hunk of.....uhhh.....pile of.....house that needs a demolition crew tons of TLC. So I thought I would start with the built in china cupboard & at least be able to display my antique tea set that I inherited from my mother. Sadly, as I was unpacking the box of china I had casualties. Two cups & tree saucers did not survive the trip up from Florida. There were so many pieces I could not attempt to put them back together. I will admit I had a tear in my eye when I found the broken ones. These suckers had been packed to survive just about anything. I guess this move was not one of the anythings. Ok to start I had this built in cupboard & it needed cleaning badly. So cleaning was the first thing on my list.

This is the top section. My husband's uncle does not want the original wood painted or this would be bright & cheerful looking. It had been through some rough crap over the years & I did not want this as a background for anything I had to display.

First swipe with the sponge along the back wall of the cupboard......yuck. Antique dust is NOT my favorite. It even smells different than newer dust. 

 Here I am lining the bottom of the cupboard with paper my mother-in-law picked up. At least it was purple!  I did not get a shot of it close up but as I am now the owner of 4 more rolls of this stuff, I promise you will see it again. I folded the lining paper to fit the back of the cupboard in top section & started off with the surviving pieces of antique china.

Here is a shot with the doors open.

And here is a horribly funky night time shot with the doors closed. The bottom shelves are not arranged as of yet. You see with only having 2 cupboards in the kitchen ( you read that right, only 2) I have limited storage space. Everyday dinnerware will be living in the bottom part of this. More to come as I figure out what to do with this.....house.

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1 comment:

  1. So, the dust even smells different, does it? LOl, nice one, Beth!
    So sorry to hear about your casualties. I lost quite a few "treasures" over the years to breakage, and it always makes me sad. But at least you spruced up that old cabinet a bit, I think it looks quite alright now!
    I bet you'll have the house "under your spell" in no time. Babysteps, girl, babysteps!