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April 19, 2011

My Trip To The Frozen Tundra

 Hey Blogland! It is I, your favorite Witch, back on the interwebz. Wow, what a trip we had. I thought it would never end. We encountered traffic jams & snow coming into West Virginia. The snow was not expected ( of course the traffic back up was not either) We pulled over to a rest stop for more gas for all three vehicles & it was snowing to beat all hell. I was wearing sandals & capri pants. It was a cold time for me. All (maybe 3 pieces) of my winter clothing was packed in the moving truck somewhere in the middle, so they were not available to me. This is supposed to be Spring! Okay, to start we ran into a traffic jam because of an accident on the way out of Florida.

This was my view for over an hour. Lets just say we did not make any headway in that hour.

 (again...please pay no attention to the date on the pictures. I always forget to adjust that)

We ran into storms in Georgia. The moving truck had a leak we did not know about so when we finally got to Uniontown, PA., our mattress & box spring were soaked.
(not to mention, our house did not have a functioning toilet when we got here & I was offered a bucket to pee in.....I went to the K.F.C. here & used their little girl's room)

We had to stay another night in a hotel because my husband's uncle did not have the toilet fixed when we got in. It is the original toilet & I guess some of the parts are no longer available for purchase.
I have seen the sun only two days since we have been here. We pulled into Uniontown on April 6th. It has rained everyday except for the two days the sun peaked through the clouds. (sigh) At least it was not raining when we unloaded the truck. The hubs had quite the time maneuvering the moving truck (26 ft long) on the small street that the house is on. I must admit that I did not feel sorry for him then because the house was not at all like he said it was. (oh yea....I wanted to kill him when I first saw it.)  The "huge, huge living room that was supposed to be twice the size of our living room in Florida, is actually smaller than the one in Florida. The steps are narrow & yes, I could put a table at the first landing like the Hubs said....only if we decided we never want to go up & down the steps! Our queen size box spring would not fit up the landing to the second floor. I have to build a frame for the mattress so we can eventually not sleep on the floor. Also, I have to fix the marks on the wall going up the steps where they tried to make the box spring fit. The older man who lived here was a hoarder & the place had so much dust (& still does, we are fighting it everyday. Great for my allergies...not)
The beautiful hardwood floors actually look like this:

 You have to wear shoes for sure so you do not get a splinter in your foot. The walls in the dining room were once all covered in wall paper. Someone decided to peel it off without prepping it first & then just painted over the large areas of what I can only describe as gouges. I have a long road ahead of me my friends. I am just happy that I have all of my cool Blogland friends to share my trials with. Thanks for being there for me! Stay tuned for more gripes & moans from me here in PA. Cause believe me...there is more to come!

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  1. Whheee! What a trip! Glad you are there safe, and I HOPE THE TOILET IS WORKING NOW!!!

    I sense a tiny bit of disappointment in your voice...Beth, Beth, let's look on the bright side! Projects galore, you will have so much fun revamping This Old House and I am looking forward to seeing your adventures!

    I sympathize with the allergies - ugh, that's a rough one. If you have to wear a dust mask, bling it up with rhinestones or something!

  2. I, unlike Michelle, wouldn't be looking at all the wonderful things you could do to the house. I would be telling Broom to beat the tar out of hubs. THEN i would gripe and groan and start making it mine. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your renewal.
    P.S. Hope the toilet gets fixed real soon.

  3. Look at it this way...you have a year's worth of blog posts just sitting there waiting to happen, and your husband owes you BIG TIME for the foreseeable future.