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April 28, 2011

Trying To Win More House Makeover $'s

 Hello Blogland...tis I, Your shameless resident Witch trying to win some more $'s to get this house up to snuff. The latest contest I am entering is from 5 Minutes For Mom (check it out). There is a $500.00 Walmart gift card up for grabs here if you have the creepiest or funniest story about bugs! Wickedly awesome don't cha think? Okay, I will start mine off by explaining that My father had his own business.....an exterminating business. Neighbors were always coming to the door with jars of different bugs demanding to know what they were. One day (this is not the creepy but the funny) a neighbor banged on the door with yes, a jar with a bug inside. I was maybe ten years old & way over this stuff. My father happened to be in the other room & heard the knock at the door. I got to the door not knowing that Dad was right behind me. I open the door & hear "Whats this"? The neighbor is of holding up a jar with a bug in it. I replied, " It's a jar with a bug in it". Then slammed the door shut. I turned around in time to see my father turning red because he is trying very hard not to laugh. He wanted to tell me what I had done to the neighbor was wrong but he could not get the words out. Luckily for me he thought it was funny enough that I did not get punished. 

 The creepy comes when my father, realizing that my two older brothers want nothing to do with the family "bug business", recruits me to be the one to learn how carry on the business. I am at this time 12 or 13 yrs old. My father has a job to do in the middle of Baltimore city. I get on a long sleeved shirt. jeans & a hat. The sleeves of the shirt will be taped shut once we get to the job as well as the pant legs of my jeans. The collar of my shirt has to be buttoned all the way up. This keeps the bugs from getting into your clothes once the exterminating begins. (funky, but yes this does happen) We spray this row home for roaches (hate those nasty buggers) A few but not too many start to drop from the ceiling onto our hat covered heads. (gross) We finish with the inside & Dad takes me out the front door & tells me to look up at the front of the building. All I see from the first floor windows & up are roaches, tons of them, swarming up the front of the row home. I know my eyes had to have bugged out (yeah I used the word bugged here, pretty fitting) of my head. I was tripping.
 On the way home I refused to untape my sleeves or pant legs for fear of a stray roach being somewhere on us or in the truck. I nearly gave me Dad heart failure when the wind blew a loose section of my hair across my face. I screamed so loud & hard you would have thought I was auditioning for a B rated horror flick! I thought it was a roach crawling on my face. To this day, I really, really hate roaches.

Wow, that was pretty therapeutic for me. What would be more therapeutic would be to win one of the TWO $500.00 Walmart gift cards being given away. Yup, I think that would help me look at my trauma in a different light! So go on over & tell your story. 5 Minutes For Mom/Raid bug story

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