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April 1, 2011

Last Friday In Florida

 This is my last Friday post from Florida my Blogland friends. Tomorrow we pick up the rental truck & start loading. By Monday, we will be on the road. I will so miss my friends & the lizards & warm winters.  Not too many Palm Trees swaying in the wind up in PA. I bet. In fact.....no Palm Trees would be the best thing to say. Gonna miss any chance of meeting Sunny from Life In Rehab when she comes to the area to visit her dad. I know I will adjust to the weather up there in PA......eventually....maybe.........never.  Anyway, this has been going through my head:

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  1. Hoo, boy, you are in for some intense work, Beth. As soon as you get up there, let us know! Pack light, drive safe and stop for yard sales!

  2. NO, no, no! Don't do it! Stay.....stay forever...
    save yourself...it's to late for us....your already there...the snow....OMG...the snow!


  3. Sending safe passage thoughts......enjoy the new adventure and remember..those palm trees can always be visited.


  4. You may find you like PA. The autumns are really beautiful!

  5. @lovinangels

    I used to live in Maryland until 1997 when we moved down here. Autumn is okay...it's the winters I hate!

  6. @Regina

    Thanks Regi! You will probably see me hanging on to a Palm Tree yelling "No"! come Monday morning when it's time to head out! lol

  7. @Michelle L.
    Don't know about packing light since we are taking all belongings with us. Have you ever stopped at a Yard Sale in a 22ft moving van? lol That would be a hoot!

  8. Beth, you'll be alright. Blessed be.

  9. i am from Ohio so we will be neighbors:)
    hope your move is happy and magical
    i am guessing you might find a new broom soon!!