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April 26, 2011

Started Crate #1

 Howdy hi Blogland! I got some work done yesterday while the sun was out. ( it truly was out! I was shocked) I was able to get the crates outside & give them a good washing. Here they are drying in the sun.

 They were actually lighter in color once all the funk was washed off. I gave them a washing in the basement but they needed much more then just a wiping down. These guys were wickedly funky!  I tore out all the musty lining paper & the insides were cleaned up & ready to go.

I was finally able to claim the space that is my new (antique) work bench. Got my staple gun & tape measure ready to go to work.
Stared off with lining the inside top first.

The bottom was next & I started on the sides.
Inspector # 1 had to make sure the work was being done properly. Are you lucky enough to have your own inspectors?

Approval was granted & was able to finish up after shooing away the Inspector.

Finally, the paper lining was done. I was happy cause it was killing my back.

I found a left over can of paint from some historic project that was still good & had a primer mixed with the paint. I can't get that lucky too often.

Found this old can of paint too but the insides were dusty & the once paint is now a giant clump of ....stuff in the bottom of the can. Look at the old picture on the can. Why 2 smiling women? Why not a project of something painted with the paint? I guess that is why I never got into the Marketing business.

Soon I forgot all about the 2 smiling women & was on my way.

First coat is drying & it looks better already! As you can see, I propped it up on some saw horses to help out the old back. Can't wait to get this baby done & put it to use as much needed storage space. Right now all of our bath towels are still in boxes cause I have no linen closet in this house. The 2 closets in the upstairs rooms are only large enough to hold 4 or 5 items on hangers. (sigh) No space = lots of "what am I supposed to do with this stuff" questions.

Stay tuned my Blogland friends to see how this sucker turns out. Thanks for hanging out with me & keeping me company while I go through this dilemma with this house. It sure helps keep me focused knowing I have you guys hanging out with me & giving me pep talks along the way!

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  1. I, too, am blessed with feline inspectors. I reckon everything looks better with just a hint of cat hair on it!
    Oh man, that paint must be ancient. I bet when it was made, ABBA was topping the charts!

  2. What in the world would we do without our DIVA inspectors...LOL!! I love how it is turning out and what an awesome storage idea. HEY...you have given me some inspiration Beth. Thank you thank you. ^_^

    Hugs to you.