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April 25, 2011

Vintage Revivals...Please Revive My Vintage!

You all know my story. I was stupid enough to let my husband tell me a house 1100 miles away was perfect. "Perfect hardwood floors", he said. The walls only need to be repainted. (yes he left out the fact that they need to be compounded & sanded down before painting) "The place is huge" he also said. Okay. I will maim him later.

I am so tempted to use a human sacrifice in order to get this place livable. But as I understand that sort of thing is frowned upon these days.........(sigh, can't a girl get a break?)

 Oh Blogland friends, I could sure use this! I stumbled upon this while going through the dashboard & I was like......"Oh, this would be wickedly awesome to have at least one of the rooms in this house taken off my hands & put into those of another who has knowledge & know how to get things done"! This would totally be a saving grace for me. I have been pulling my hair out trying to think of ways to do the master bedroom in this antique house (I use antique cause it sure sounds more blogified that the term that is rolling around my head). Anyone who can tinfoil a night stand is wickedly cool in my book. Check it out here

 I would love for all of my Blogland friends to go on over & vote for me so I can maybe regain some sanity! (yes, I did have some at one time....a long time ago)

Voting starts May 1st at midnight. I will remind all of you again at that time to poof on over & vote for my bedroom to be redone.

This is how it looked when we got to PA from Florida
The carpet was like 300 years old & had to come up.

This is how it looked later the next day. Our bed frame would not fit up the stairs & we slept basically on the floor until the Hubs took the frame apart, brought it up the steps in pieces & put it back together. (yes, I am nervous about sleeping on it tonight) Parts of the frame were in more pieces than they should have been normally.

This is the frame before bust up
Here is the Hubs putting it back together

The space shown here will one day ( I hope) become some sort of closet space for us. Yes, there is a closet in the room & it looks like this:

Those couple of my husband's shirts take up the entire closet space.

Bed is raised & I put up drop cloth curtains
I need a new bed set but don't quite know what I am going for just yet.

Carpeting is just some stuff we threw down on the floor so we would not get splinters from the floor. (yes, it IS that bad)

The Hub's night stand that needs to be redone. The rocking chair is getting a make over too one of these days.

My for now night stand. I literally dumpster dived for this.

As you can see we still have like no place to put stuff the bathroom is so small I carry my stuff in there to use it. This is what I guess you could call "my side" of the room.

This is a corner off to the side of the foot of the bed. Right now a funky lamp that I once told the Hubs to toss sits on a dresser & some of his clothes are piled on the desk. Dressers & desk all need to be redone too.

Please Vintage Revivals.....Revive My Vintage!

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  1. Oh my... if it saves Mr Wiccans' head from being chopped off, I will certainly vote for you. Even though I agree his neck could do with a bit of chopping ^^
    I love bare floor boards... if they are properly sanded and sealed, none of which I would want to do myself. We are women, not wizards, for crying out loud! :D

  2. I an so enjoying you new home. I understand about the bedroom, too. Our two upstairs bedrooms can only be twin size because of the way our very narrow staircase is made---HATE IT!!! I will of course vote for you a makeover.