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May 14, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Morning Blogland! I am sure quite a few of you have seen the recipe for the bacon wrapped chicken with cream cheese filling. Well, your truly did & I decided that I so had to try that wickedly delicious looking concoction. Of course being the creative soul that I am, I had to change it up a bit. Started off with the cream cheese & green onion:

I nuked my cream cheese for about 30 seconds for easier mixing. Hey, why make it hard on yourself!

And since I don't follow directions all that well sometimes, I added more stuff to the cream cheese & green onion filling!

Yup, my ever handy Thyme & Marjoram! Plus some fresh ground pepper & some garlic powder. I put no salt in this since the chicken would be wrapped in bacon. No sense tempting the fates, right?

Meanwhile, bacon was getting slightly cooked. Don't forget to save the bacon grease & put in the fridge! I use mine for frying eggs or seasoning green beans & such. Is my cholesterol high? Probably.

Since buying our house, certain items have not yet been located. Like my meat mallet. So it was time to improvise!

Instead of pounding the chicken breast like I was Mike Tyson in the ring, I opted to cut them in half, thickness wise. (does that make sense to you? thickness wise? cause it does to me but hey, I am me) The chicken breasts were slightly frozen, making it much easier to preform the task.

Setting them aside to finish thawing, I mixed up my cream cheese mixture. I like to bruise (smoosh) my spices to release some extra flavor & smells. Just a bit in the palm of your hand.

Using the heel of my other hand to smoosh the spices, releasing the most wonderful of aromas throughout my kitchen & house.

Used the same palm sized amount of marjoram & thyme. Maybe a quarter tsp of garlic powder, & a few wookah wookahs with the pepper. (wookah wookah is the sound that the grinder makes. at least in my head anyway)

I have no idea why the chicken in the upper part of the frame looks so gross. Lighting I  imagine. Cause I don't ever serve anything funky! Just ask my Hubs.

Place your cream cheese mixture on the chicken & roll it up, tucking the ends under neatly! (yea....right!)

Place your pan in a preheated 350 degree oven, uncovered for about 35-40 min.

Did somebody just use bacon & chicken in the same sentence?!?!?!?

Before serving, I spooned a bit of the juices over the chicken. Cause I do stuff like that!

If planning on doing a bit of photo journalism, feed a snack to hungry Hubs first so he doesn't dig right in before you have a chance to snap a pic!

Hope you try my version of this wickedly awesome recipe! Let me know how it turns out.

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